Review for The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

(#) XsadX 2012-02-04

Oh, Mikey and Rian. Haha. Poor Gerard. She must've thrown the book pretty damn hard. I love how Mikey and Rian sounded like kids.
Oooooohhhhhhh! That guy's gonna get iiiiittttt!! xD
Is it weird that I find Gerard's intense overprotectiveness kinda cute? No? Good. Lolol.
Awesome update, hun! I've missed this story. Looking forward to the next. Sorry about the bank thing. They suck. >.< Take all the time you need. I understand. ^_^

Author's response

=) Haha, thanks for the review, like always. Yeah

kid-like is fun to write.

;) Definitely not weird. I enjoyed writing it haha.
Thank you! I'm trying to get another update out so that I can get to the EXCITINGISH stuff.

Aw, thanks. Yeah. Banks=Not on good terms with me currently. I had to resort to asking my boyfriends father for money while I was waiting for my work check to come back to me. I hate having to ask others for money. Ugh.