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9- Keep Your Eyes Off My Girl

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His eyes landed on Rian again, making me squirm uncomfortably.

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Rian's voice was so sweet but what was she saying? "Oh god, I'm so sorry!" The words started becoming clearer but why would she be sorry?

Fuck my head hurt. Oh yeah. I got hit in the head. That mixed with another pain pill had me off balance, causing me to fall backwards. Damn pain medication. Very much unnecessary, in my own mind. "You fucking hit him!" Mikey's voice came next and I simply laid on the ground, eyes closed as I listened to them argue.

"I... I didn't mean to." Rian replied, voice shaking.

"Was that supposed to hit me?" Mikey shouted. "God, your aim is terrible!" Then he started laughing.

"No! It wasn't supposed to hit anyone! I'm not freaking violent..." Rian replied, sounding embarrassed.

"Well, this is awkward." Mikey stated, still giggling.

I felt soft fingers brush against my forehead and I nearly moaned in response, envisioning Rian's touch. "You really shouldn't use girls Mikey. That's not nice." Rian stated, in a 'this is all your fault' voice. Then she added, "If you didn't then your brother wouldn't be laying here right now."

"No." Mikey corrected. "If your aim didn't suck so much then Gerard wouldn't be laying here right now."

That's when I decided to open my eyes. Rian jumped in surprise and Mikey simply stared. "You okay man?" He asked.

I nodded, sitting up carefully. My head did still hurt. "So, what did I get hit with?"

Rian bit her lip and looked away.

Mikey burst out in laughter, "A freakin' book."

"I was reading that 'freakin' book' and found it quite interesting." Rian stated, instantly looking uncomfortable. "But I'm sorry that it hit your face."

"Sorry that it hit his face? You make it sound as if the book flew at him all by itself. Gerard she threw it at you!" Mikey said, grinning.

Rian glared at Mikey. "That's really not important but I am sorry. Mikey was being a jerk."

"So you threw a book?" I asked, amused. Mostly I was just worried at the fact that a book had knocked me out, even if just for a few seconds. The pain killers I took earlier were fairly strong evidently but were now noticably dimming.

"Books are very... educational." Rian stated, crossing her arms. "Mikey needs an education in women."

Mikey rolled his eyes. "I just met a hot girl Gee! She's fucking gorgeous and I want her." He pouted, like a small child.

"The problem being?" I asked.

"Rian thinks I'm using her as a way to get over my ex." Mikey informed me.

"You are." I told him, siding with Rian.

Mikey groaned. "Dude, you're only taking her side because you're afraid to get hit with another book. I'll protect you."

"He's taking my side because I'm right! You need to want her because you want her... not because she's hot and you're still hurting over your stupid ex." Rian spit out.

I honestly loved how angry she was getting over the situation. It was downright adorable. "I'm hungry. Anyone else want breakfast?" I asked, changing the subject.


Twenty minutes later we were all piled in my car, driving to a restaurant down the street. Mikey and Rian were ignoring each other. It was cute. They were both biting back smiles the entire time and I could tell that Mikey respected Rian. It was obvious. Rian was trying to remain serious about the subject but was evidently having difficulty seeing as how Mikey kept poking her in the side every few seconds. I was sitting in the front, glancing back at them every few seconds as I wondered if I should even be driving while on pain meds.

So far, so good. No crashes, no hallucinations...

It wasn't until we had been seated at the small restaurant that Mikey finally broke the silence. "So, I was wondering... if you guys would like to come to this masquerade dance with me... It's going to be a lot of fun. It's this weekend so I know, short notice but... costumes/masks... fun?" Mikey proposed.

I glanced at Rian to see her sipping her water with a blank expression. She noticed that I was staring and her eyes widened, "Wait, me?"

I nodded. "If you want we can go together..." I hadn't been this nervous since high school. Dating back then was like a massive tragedy, highlighted by all of the dramatic parts in between the 'She said YES!' and 'I really hope she breaks up with me.'

Rian smiled, "I've never been to a masquerade party..." She commented quietly.

"Well, we can go get masks and stuff after breakfast then." I said, smiling sleepily at her.

"Thanks." Rian's smile got wider but with her next statement I felt as if I had crashed to the ground. "You're a really nice guy Gerard." A really nice guy... Yeah, was that all I was? And more importantly... why did that bother me?

I just nodded, extremely grateful when the waitress came to take our order. She winked at me and I winked back, halfheartedly. I didn't even feel like faking flirtation. I actually felt like curling up in bed with another pain killer. How sad is that?

Where had my confidence gone off to?

Mikey was playing with his phone when Rian spoke up again, having gone quiet after having her order taken. "Don't have sex with her."

"Huh?" Mikey asked, confused.

"Don't have sex with her unless you're sure that she's more than just a 'rebound' girl. Please?" Rian gave him a pleading glance that would make the most talented puppy dogs jealous.

"What if she wants to have sex with me?" Mikey asked, "Like no strings attached sex?"

Rian rolled her eyes. "There is no such thing."

"I've done it before." Mikey responded.

"And someone got hurt. If it wasn't you then it was her." Mikey opened his mouth to respond but Rian continued, "Sex is an intimate act. There is no way to separate yourself emotionally from something like that... and I mean sure, some people can say it doesn't matter but it always does. Just don't use her. Don't be that guy. It will mean so much more if you wait to have sex with her until it means something to you."

"Is this from personal experience?" Mikey asked dryly. I was hanging on to Rian's every word, wondering how intimate she had gotten previously and with how many people.

Rian wasn't even shy with her admission however, "I'm a virgin."

"So, then how do you know?" Mikey asked.

"Okay fine Mikey... maybe I don't know for a fact that every girl wants to be treated as if she means something but I'm fairly certain that the act itself will be so much sweeter if it means something. I'm not your mother, I can't boss you around but... at least think about waiting." Rian stated, staring out the window as she bit her lip.

Mikey just shrugged. "I was just giving you a hard time. I'll take your advice. She seems... different. She turned down my advances actually." He admitted, blushing.

Rian smiled kindly, "That really doesn't mean anything towards the future." She assured him. "Girls just don't want to feel cheap. What's the point of just giving in to everything? It's the journey, right?"

Mikey nodded, "Right... That makes sense."

Finally I spoke up, smirking at Rian. "So, got more girl advice for us?" Golden opportunity. How could I not seize it?

"I... um, not really. I'm actually not a good person to converse with when it comes to relationships. I've never actually had one." Rian laughed nervously, not looking directly at me. She seemed embarrassed. I loved how inexperienced she was... It gave me complete control.

The idea made me pause for just a moment. What did I want from Rian? I couldn't quite figure it out myself. As I looked around the restaurant I found myself meeting another person's gaze. He realized I was staring at him and his eyes flickered away instantly.

The man had longish blonde hair, a weak chin and largish round brown eyes. I'd never before seen him but... his eyes had been glued to Rian before I interrupted his intense staring. I caught Rian's hand in mine, surprising her. "Do you know that man?" I whispered, gesturing towards him.

Rian took a glance at my hand before looking at the man. "Um, no... Why do you ask?" She asked, looking back at me with a confused expression.

I shrugged, letting go of her hand. "Just curious." There was something off about the man. His eyes landed on Rian again, making me squirm uncomfortably. I would find out why he was staring at my girl and I would find out soon.


(So here is where Roger Wrankler is introduced. Thank you so much GAClive for the character. These last few chapters have been fairly uneventful but that shall be ending here soon, hopefully. I'm back on track and back in love with this story. Things have just been hectic. I'm sorry for the delay.)
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