Review for Give My Heart Back

Give My Heart Back

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2012-02-08

This chapter actually kind of spoke to me, because I got an offer as a stripper the other night. Work four days, make almost $800. Do you realise how fast I could get my car fixed with money like that? God, I almost want to do it. But I think it'd destroy a part of me, kind of like rape does. It takes what innocence you've got left and tears it to shreds, then incinerates the pieces.

Author's response

Yeah, in some places you can make good money but it depends. Sometimes the covers at clubs aren't worth it and you don't end up making nearly as much as you think you will. But nearly 800 is pretty good so the club has to be fairly popular.
I've thought about it honestly but I'm in a relationship and well, I'd be dead if I ever decided to do it. Dead really really quickly.
Yeah, it's hard to preserve yourself as a stripper sometimes.