Review for Everything is changing

Everything is changing

(#) GAClive 2012-02-20

CHAMELEON CIRCUIT!!!! cough I mean... I see you put something Dr Who related in there... not that I started singing the song out loud in my room....>.>

Also, Elena scares me. I was telling my friend about her and then we agreed Mikey should've just screamed "RAPE!" and run for the hills....

Author's response

Oh god XD I do not blame you for singing the song, it's a good song and it was just playing while I was writing and then the idea formed.
Haha she's meant to be scary, I don't know what I'm gonna do with her yet or if she's even coming back and I love that you're talking about it with your friends! :D haha your comment about the rape made me laugh quite loudly XD
Thank You