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Love Still Haunts Me

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Mikey tells the guys how he feels about Fiona and Liam comes back for more.

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Mikey's POV continued

I got up and opened the bus door. “Guys you can come back in now” I said, smiling, life seemed a little bit easier and brighter with Fiona around. “Err, Mikey, can we speak to you?” Ray asked, he seemed pretty serious.

I stepped out of the bus and shut the door. “Yeah, sure, what’s up?” crossing my arms. They all looked at each other, I felt left out. “Guys, just tell me” I said reassuring them.

Gee sighed. “What’s going on between you and Fiona now?”

Frank joined in “Yeah are you two going out or something?”

I looked at them in shock, was I really that obvious? “Mikey! Who is she?” Gee asked, pulling me out of my thought.

I looked down, I should probably tell them “Look guys I really like her, She’s…I don’t know exactly I mean, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s just friend who’s a girl, she’s my buddy, she’s my best mate, she rocks my world, I want to tell her but I just can’t find the time or the words.” I said quickly. They all looked at me dumbfounded, like I was a crazy idiot, which I probably was. I laughed at my inside joke.

Gee put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me carefully “For God’s sake kiss the girl, would you?!” We all laughed, I was very nervous, knowing the guys as soon as they see I have any contact with her they’re going to make stupid faces; teasing me about it, what had I let myself in for.

Our pleasant moment was disturbed by someone shouting in the distance, I looked to see a man walking weirdly, he wasn’t walking straight, he was falling over a lot but he was making his way over to us. Frank and Gee shared a look that didn’t reassure me, something wasn’t right. Everyone rushed back into the bus.

Fiona was on the sofa admiring her bracelet, I smiled; I was glad she liked it. “Fiona we have a problem, that dick is back again” Frank said to her, wait was he talking about that guy? How did Fiona and Frank know him?

“Guys what’s going on?” I asked I was getting worried this guy seemed like a big problem by the way they were speaking about him, they didn’t answer me though.

“Do you mean...?” Fiona asked, Frank nodded, I was really confused. “He’s back?!” She shouted. He’s been here before? I shouted in my mind, there were so many questions going through my brain at the moment. I was frustrated, confused, worried, I didn’t know what to do, I felt helpless.

Fiona must have seen me in so much distress; she came up and hugged me. She pulled back and gave me a serious look, “It’s nothing Mikey but we have to leave, now” I was almost panicking; I didn’t like not knowing things.

“No Fiona, just tell me what’s going on, I’m freaking out over here.” She ran her hands through her hair, she started to explain

“Mikey I-…” but she was interrupted by a loud knocking and a drunken slur.

“Fiona I know you’re in there!” a man shouted from outside the bus.

“Shit” Frank, Gee and Fiona all said at the same time, what the fuck was going on!? He knocked again.

“Fiona, who is this guy?!” I asked. She was panicking I could see it in her eyes but so was I.

“He’s just….he’s just a problem from my past.” I looked down then back up at her, her eyes were filling with tears, what had he done to her to make her to be so scared of him? I wasn’t going to have it.

“I’m going to sort it out.” I said, trying to calm her down, he was an obvious problem that kept coming back up and needed to gone. I felt someone holding me back I looked to see it was Fiona she was so worried. “I have to sort this out, he can’t cause this much trouble and get away with it.” I said to her, trying to show her that I knew what I was doing.

“Mikey, don’t. He’s a strong man and he’s drunk, he does some crazy shit when he’s drunk. I’m not having you go anywhere near him, if he does anything to you it will be my fault and You. Are. Not. Replaceable. What happens if he breaks your arm or your hand and you can’t play? I’ll never be able to forgive myself if that happened. I’ll talk to him and don’t you worry about this, I know him, he’s my past, I’ll be fine.” She said to me but she had a look in her eyes, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. She took her hand off my arm and walked to the door, I couldn’t argue and neither could the other guys, we just watched.

It came to me at the last moment, the look in her eyes, it was doubt. She had lied to me. She knew she wasn’t safe with him but she didn’t want to risk my life. She opened the door and confronted the drunk beast.

“Liam what do you want?” She said in an assertive tone.

“Well a Hello to you to, love. I want you back.” He said slurring his words together.

“Well you can’t have me back, you had your chance, three years to be precise, so piss off!” She shouted back at him, he looked shocked; it was obvious she had never stood up to him like this.

I was proud of her but my pride was fading fast and was turning into so many other things; Shock, fear, disgust to name a few. I watched him raise his hand and before I could react he hand slapped her, causing her to fall against the door frame.

I grew angry, more angry than I had ever been before I went for him, Punching him square in the nose, He started to bleed and I felt a lot better but Fiona was right, he was a strong man and before I knew it he was on top of me punching multiple times in the face, I heard shouting and everything began to go black.

Fiona’s POV

I got up, and put my hand to my face, he had never hit me before. Shock and pain both physical and emotional washed through me. I looked over to find Frank and Gerard outside with Liam, dodging his drunken punches and trying to get him to calm down and to my horror Ray with a silent and non-moving Mikey.

I almost screamed, what did he do to him? I got up not exactly knowing what I was doing, I grabbed a frying pan and stormed outside. I twisted it in my hand a couple of time before slammed the frying pan right into the back of Liam’s head, while uttering the words “You are such a dick.” I walked away, to put the frying pan back, I heard Liam’s body fall to the floor.

He had been in my life for three years and he had only caused me problems, he made my life a living hell, he was a devil in disguise making me feel like I needed him when in actual fact he was the thing I needed to get away from. I went to Mikey’s side, I was so worried, he was breathing, I sighed with relief.

Frank and Gerard brought Liam’s body inside to hide incase of the press. Great, two guys unconscious, one that I had loved and one that I was in love with.

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