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Mikey is found again by his mysterious admirer and Fiona and Mikey hit a milestone.

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Fiona's POV continued

Ray walked onto the bus and sat on the sofa, there was an awkward silence for a while until Ray spoke up. “Hey guys you want to play call of duty?” Frank and Gerard nodded enthusiastically, I didn’t feel like I was welcome but they insisted I join them. They showed me the ropes and before I knew it I was pretty good, well by my standards.

I tried my best to concentrate on the game but it was hard, I kept worrying where Mikey was, he still hadn’t come back from the gig yet. I was so sure that he would have been the first to come back and question me about what I had thought of it, not that I was going to answer truthfully, I would have lied, not letting him know what had really happened.

My mind soon began to race, projecting images of what Mikey could be doing, one imagine that came up multiple times was an imagine that had somewhat haunted me ever since I had seen it, Mikey kissing the girl with the blue hair. I went back to the game, using as a distraction and taking my anger out on killing the others.

Mikey’s POV

I walked out of the stadium making my way past the bus, I didn’t want to go to the bus just yet, I had more important things on my mind, there was stuff I needed to do. I smiled down at the floor, hoping my decision was a good one.

My thoughts were disturbed by someone calling my name “Mikey! Mikey! Mikey!” I had my hood up and sunglasses on but someone still found me, I really needed to get new disguise, maybe next time I should wear a fake moustache?

I increased my pace trying to get away without making it too obvious. “Mikey!” Someone shouted again, they were getting closer, It felt like I was in the movie Jaws, I could almost here the 'duh-duh' music in the background speeding up but I just ignored them.

Someone tapped my shoulder; I pivoted slowly hoping it wasn’t tabloids. I turned to find the girl with the blue hair again. My eyes bulged as I muttered a curse under my breath which was so silent only I could hear it.

She smiled at me and I politely smiled back. “Hi, Mikes” Her smile grew bigger.

“Hi…..” I politely said, she saw my dilemma of not knowing her name and quickly replied
“It’s Elena” I nodded. She didn’t say anything more so I walked off, but she met my pace and walked with me.

“So….I was a little disappointed when you didn’t show up before” she said frowning at me.

I was confused but I soon realised what she was talking about, my eyes bulged again and I swallowed nervously. “Oh well you know we had to leave for the new city”

She nodded. “I know, I was still disappointed though” I looked away, who was this girl and why did she think I was going to turn up to her doorstep without any past relationship with me? This girl could only be described as three words, crazy, stalker, fangirl.

“Look I’ve got to go now…so yanno bye and stuff” I said shrugging and picking up my pace once more. She put her hand out infront of me causing me to stop.

I was getting really pissed off right now, I was trying to be polite but she wouldn’t leave me alone, I burst out “Do you fucking mind?” I said a little too loudly.

She looked hurt but I really couldn’t care less. “Mikey, I- … I’m sorry” She said looking down. I walked off, I’d had enough of her nonsense, thankfully she didn’t follow me.

I tried to change my mood, while walking into the Pandora shop, I had wanted to get Fiona something to remember us by and a charm bracelet seemed to be the best thing. I didn’t know much about her; well in fact I knew nothing about her so I got things that the guys and I liked and things that would remind her of us.

I started choosing a few charms, I picked out a few; a mask that kind of reminded me of batman, a converse shoe, a musical note and a snowflake to remind her of our song ‘Every snowflake is different’ and to remind her that just because you are different doesn’t make you less beautiful. It was weird, I was a grown man but it was a joyous event picking out those charms.

I walked back to bus quickly, hoping not to bump into Elena or any other fangirls. When I got to the bus I could hear shouting; It was obviously the guys but there was a woman’s voice and it sounded pretty frustrated I knew it was Fiona but she had hardly spoke to any other us, why did she speak now and why did she sound so angry? I walked onto the bus cautiously, worried about what I might find.

I was welcomed with silence, seeing everyone crowded around the screen, remote controllers in hand; game paused and faces starring in my direction. “Hey guys.” I waved and laughed nervously, their judging eyes made me feel really insecure. “Playing call of duty I see.” I smiled and leaned against the door frame “Who’s winning?” I asked nonchalantly, Frank was the first to answer my question.

“Ray is, I’m second and Fiona’s third.” Frank giggled “She’s beating Gee!” Everyone laughed and Gee looked down ashamed but laughing as well. Soon after the laughing stopped Ray asked what everyone was thinking, disturbing the small talk.

“Where have you been Mikey? We thought we were going to have to leave without you” He chuckled. Fiona starred at me intently, it obvious she wanted to know the answer. I didn’t want to give away my whereabouts infront of her so I simply replied “Nowhere, I just went for a walk” I shrugged. I could tell by their faces that they knew that was bullshit. Fiona spoke up “He was probably with that girl with the blue hair.”

My eyes bulged and I blurted out “How do you know about Elena?” probably not the best thing to say.

“Oh so you know each other?” Gee asked he was also intrigued, Fiona stormed off into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Great.

“No I don’t know her!” I snapped back, Gee recoiled “Sorry I’m just frustrated” He understood and nodded. “Guys can you stand outside for a minute I want to talk to Fiona on my own”

They all shuffled out, obviously annoyed that they had to get out. Once they were outside I knocked on the bathroom door. “Fiona, can I please explain?” I pleaded to the door. She didn’t reply. “Fiona, please?” No reply again. I sighed I knew I was going to have to tell her. “I wasn’t taking a walk today, we both know that. I was out buying something” I paused waiting to see if I got reply “I was buying something for you” I waited again and thankfully the door opened a peep. “Come to the sofa and I’ll show you” I smiled at her.

She did as I asked and I pulled out a small box “I didn’t want to give it to you now because it’s not completed yet” I opened the box and looked at her face to see her reaction, she smiled and her eyes light up but to my dismay they were filling with tears. I hugged her, I didn’t like seeing her cry, it made me feel awful.

She shook her head, knowing why I looked so upset “It’s okay, it’s just that no one has ever given me something like this” I was shocked, she was amazing and beautiful how could she never have gotten a gift like this before. I hugged her again, if only she knew how I felt about her then maybe life would be a little bit easier.

I would like to thank the last reviews as they helped mold this 'chapter' into what it is and without them I wouldn't of been able to think of the rest of the story line that's about to come along. Is it weird that I could imagine some of you looking at "Fiona's POV continued" and you being like: Oh come really more?! and then when you see the line "Mikey's POV" your all jumping for joy? XD No, just me? Awkaaaaaaaard.
Hopefully you like the story line so far and anything that you don't like or want to include then just tell me in the reviews.
Thanks for reading!
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