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Pounding Words

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Fiona's time at the concert is actually getting worst but Frank and Gerard are there to help!

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Fiona's POV continued:

“Here you go mate” He said while giving him a twenty, He smiled at me and gestured his head towards the stall, “Pick any one you want” I pointed at the long sleeved one that had multi coloured laser guns on it, I looked at Liam and said thanks, we both knew I didn’t really mean it.

I walked back to the bus, trying to get rid of him but he followed me, blabbering on about how sorry he was. I ignored him the whole way. There was a large security guard at the gate I tried to get through but he pushed me back.

“Sorry miss but I can’t let you through unless you have a pass”

“But I’m with the band!” I objected, this concert was turning out to be awful.

“Miss, I said before, you can’t come in unless you have a pass! Now please stop or I will have someone escort you off the premises!”

“You can always come back to mine” Liam said, I knew what it sounded like but it wasn’t that, there was nothing between us, he made sure I knew that months ago. I looked at him in disgust and planned on waiting here until the band showed up. Soon, more and more fans came to the gate hoping to meet the band.


One hour had past; I was somewhat disheartened because I didn’t get to see the rest of the show. There were a lot more fans around now, I came to the conclusion that the gig had finished.

“What are you waiting for? The band?!” Liam laughed in my face bitterly, “You do know the likely hood of you meeting them is one in a thousand, right?” I tried to ignore him but he would not shut up.

Everyone started screaming Frank and Gerard came into view, waving at the fans. I shouted their names but so did everyone else, how could I let them know I was here? I started to push against the gate but I was stopped by the guard.

“Alright missy! I’ve told before! Now leave before I have someone to escort you!” I protested claiming I knew the band but Liam’s comments we’re anything but helpful.

“Ha! No you don’t! You’re such a liar, always craving attention!” His comment hit a nerve. He was the king of lies and he was calling me a liar?! I turned around and slapped him as hard as I could, my hand went bright red and so did his face.

At that point I felt like my day couldn’t get any better. Liam grabbed my arms tightly, like a python’s death grip. I tried to squirm my way out but his hands held on. The fans screams got louder but I could still hear the sweet relief of Gerard’s voice behind me.

“Jimmy, let her through” He said to the guard, he opened the gate, pushed other fans back to let me pass, Liam's grip on my arms loosened, probably due to disbelief. He looked dumbfounded. I gave the guard a glare, for not believing me but I knew he was just trying to do his job.

I walked through the gate to the other side, Gerard put his arm around me for comfort, I felt safe with these guys. “So what are you now, a groupie? You always we a bit of a slut, fancying every guy that was nice to you” He sneered loudly, Frank turned around an walked straight up to him, I tried to pull him back but I could get a good enough grip.

He grabbed Liam by the collar of his shirt and brought him close so they were face to face, the crowd went silent “What the fuck did you just say about her?!” Frank questioned angrily. Liam laughed bitterly again, God how I hated that laugh, it made me feel like I was a tiny piece of sand; insignificant.

“I was just saying about how much she was a slut” He empathised the last word and I recoiled back into Gerard’s arm and felt tear roll down my face. Why the hell couldn’t I get a fucking grip on my emotions these days!

Frank brought Liam’s face an inch closer and whispered menacingly, “If you ever call Fiona or any other girl that again you will not live to say another word, got that?” Frank let him go with too much force causing Liam to stumble backwards, he dusted off his jacket and put his hands in the air. “Hey, I know her better than you do, all I know is that it will only be a matter of days before you push her out onto the curb” He said while backing away and eventually walking off.

It had seemed as if the crowd didn’t exist, but soon we could hear the murmurs and whispers of the event that had just occurred. I hated myself; I was causing so many problems.

We walked back into the bus, Gerard still had his arm around me. They sat me down in the dining booth, telling me to forget about him and occasionally calling him various offensive names. Gerard went to make some coffee, while Frank sat across from me holding my hand; he looked at me obviously concerned about what had just happened. “You want to talk about it?” He asked, I shook my head, the relationship I had with Liam was a long one. So much can happen in three years.

*FLASHBACK: July 2009*

“Happy Birthday!” everyone screamed at me, I smiled, it was my 21st birthday party, and it was surprise one, my best friends Kate and Jess had set it up, me being none the wiser. I was in a fit of giggles; No one had thrown me a surprise party before.

I went around the room, thanking everyone for coming, loads of people had come, I didn’t know this many people cared about me, although I was sure some people had just come for the party, but I didn’t care.

As the night progressed onwards, people had started to leave, It was about midnight, but there was still a lot of people here. Around three o’clock most people were gone, it was just my brother and my close friends.

I went to the bedroom to find a drunk Liam, I sighed. I knew he was a problem when he was drunk, he did the stupidest stuff when he was drunk. I tried to pry away the beer bottle from him, but he had a firm grip and pulled away from me.

“Liam, come on you need to go home now” I said softly not wanting to cause an argument. “Why? Can I not stay here?” I shook my head. He looked at me sadly. “Why not?!” He stood and leaned against me. I tried to support his weight but he was just so darn heavy, I pushed him back down on the bed, but he grabbed my waist and dragged me down with him.

I landed on top of him and he smiled and started to feel me up. I protested and slapped his hands away “Liam, get your hands off me, you’re drunk! You’ll regret this!” I warned him, He looked at me trying to act seductive; it wasn’t working.

“Why not? I’m legal, you’re legal? Just give it a try, you know you want this.” I shook my head and tried to get off him, he tightened his grip on my waist.

I started to wriggle, trying to get some room and kneed him in an area that was delicate. “Shit” he squeaked. He fell to the floor and I stood up, “I warned you Liam” I simply said he look up at me from his foetal position.

“I was only trying it on because I know you have a crush in me!” The words echoed in my head for a moment before I looked down in shock and screamed at him to get out!

*Present day*

I shook my head, trying to dispose of the memories. Gerard came with the coffee, “You sure you don’t want to talk about it?” Gerard asked, I shook my head and thought for a moment.

“Can you guys not tell Mikey though?” They looked at me bewildered because it was the first time I had really spoken to any of them but understood and nodded.

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