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Incident At The Concert

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Fiona goes to an MCR only to meet her worst nightmare

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Fiona's POV continued

I heard someone outside my bunk shuffle, I tried to cry silently as best as I could, God knew how I just wanted to burst out, but I tried my best to muffle my cries with Mikey’s pillow. I heard a knock on my bunk frame, I didn’t speak, I didn’t trust my voice.

My curtain opened, I turned away, inwards, not wanting to have anyone see me in this state. “Hey, hey, it’s alright, I’m here” I noticed that voice, it was Mikey’s, Mikey had come to comfort me, I must of woken him up with my crying.

He slid his hand around my waist and pulled me close to him. He whispered comforts into my ear, telling me that everything was going to be okay, how I wished I could believe that. My life was a mess; he just didn’t know that yet, once he knew, he would surely throw me to the curb.

I rolled over so I face him. I looked into his hazel eyes, it was all there, I could almost see every emotion he was feeling in those amazing eyes, confusion, worry, fear, concern. He must be scared for me, this was the fourth time I had cried today, second time I’d cried infront of him. I buried my face in his chest and he kissed my forehead. Why did I have to be a screwed up mess and why did I have to fall in love with someone as perfect as Mikey?

“Fiona?” Mikey said, I nodded, giving him a sign to continue with his comment, “I know this is a big request, I mean we barely know each other but can I ask you not to leave me? At least not until the tour is finished” He said looking down at me. I looked at him, the tears had stopped forming, I nodded, giving him a confirmation that I would not leave until the tour had finished.

He smiled and hugged me. I smiled secretly into his chest; he would never know how much happiness that brought me, knowing that he didn’t want me to leave him. I soon fell asleep, still encased in his arms, I liked being there though, it was a position I could get used to.


I woke up to find no Mikey, I was disappointed but in a way glad, I knew it was going to be slightly awkward between me and him after last night, although I wasn’t too sure if it had happened or not.

I got up, wearing the same dress, I felt disgusting, it had been 3 days in the same clothes, god I must smell I thought. I looked to find Mikey but I couldn’t find him, so I looked for the rest of the guys and couldn’t find them either.

I saw Mikey’s wallet on the table and grabbed it, I needed clothes, He wouldn’t mind if I took that tenner back would he? I grabbed my shoes and tried not to feel guilty while running in the nearest clothes store.

I looked around and got the basics, black skinny jeans, and a couple of tops along with a jumper and some knickers. Amazing how much a twenty could buy. I ran back into the bus and put my clothes onto Mikey’s bed.

I decided to have a shower, I felt so bad though, I took Mikey’s money and free loaded some of their soap and shampoo. I heard someone come in, it was Frank. I screamed and grabbed for the towel immediately. “Fuck!” he shouted averting his eyes and shutting the door. I towelled off and got changed. “I found her!” I heard Frank say from outside the door.

Crap now Mikey would know that I took his money and free loaded off them. I walked out, looking down, ashamed of my actions. Mikey pulled me in for a hug, “You know you could of just asked for some new clothes” whispered in my ear while laughing, I was so glad he didn’t mind and that he wasn’t angry, “I thought you left us, I was really upset after what we agreed on after last night” he said smiling, I smiled back.

“What did you agree on last night?” Gerard said from over Mikey’s shoulder….Oh no…..busted.

“I said that Fiona could stay with us, at least until the tour is over” He said while shrugging.

“That’s fine with me bro, but a head’s up would be nice” He said smiling at me, Gerard was always very nice; I made a note to get to know him more.

“Yeah, Mikey, we need to know that there’s going be a girl about before we go willy nilly into the bathroom without knocking” Frank said, winking at me and everyone else laughed while I blushed.

“Two problems though” Ray said disturbing the happiness, “Where is she going to sleep? And She better be good at gaming or else” He said laughing, everyone else laughed too.

“She can sleep with me” Frank shouted giving me another wink, I blushed again. Mikey looked at him weirdly. I smiled at Mikey reassuring that I didn’t mind the joke. “She’ll sleep in my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa” Mikey said. I shook my head; I didn’t like causing Mikey pain with that awful sofa. “It’s fine” he said knowing exactly what I was thinking.

“Fiona is it?” Gerard asked, I nodded. “We have another concert tonight, you coming?” Everyone gave me encouraging smiles; it was obvious that they wanted me to come. I nodded. They insisted that I come back stage, but I refused, I wanted to see them from the stalls like everyone else, I believed I was no one special so why should I have special treatment?

Everyone crowded in, I tried to get near the front so I could see them properly, Everyone started screaming as the supporting band went on, a band called ‘Me’ came on which reminded me of MCR’s earlier stuff.

After the supporting band went on everyone started to push, I felt like seaweed in a way, my feet staying somewhat still, but my top half moving about like crazy. The band came on, and everyone started to scream, it was a bit like dominos, one person screamed so everyone else did too.

They played the first song and everyone was jumping, I was so unfit, after 3 minutes of continuous jumping I was tired and had a stitch but I carried on. A mosh pit started to form near me, I tried to get away but I was dragged in, I felt like I was a punching bag, just swinging about, I fell on the floor, and some girl helped me back up but I was still in the mosh pit, the song grew more violent when it went into the chorus, the mosh pit got worse.

I tried to get away again but this time my top was ripped off, I screamed in shock. "Fuck" I shouted, it wasn’t like anyone could hear me over the song. I ran out the mosh pit pushing several people down and went to the merchandise stall.

The guy looked at me with disbelief but then smirked and laughed, I stood there, annoyed that he laughed at such a time. “I’m not falling for that one again” he said, trying to seem clever, my mouth fell open, what did he think I was doing? Oh I just ripped my own shirt to get a free MCR one did I? Fucktard.

In that moment my life seemed to crumble, my mouth fell open for the second time, “Fuck” I muttered under my breath, I had just seen the worst thing possible, I saw Liam. He was here at the concert and here was I, in my bra demanding a T-shirt. My life could not get any worse.

Sorry it's all in Fiona's POV but I hope you like the story line so far. Again rates and reviews before I post another chapter.
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