Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2012-02-21

honestly, my main concern right now is that you will feel better. really, i can wait for the next chapter. id rather not, but that's just cos im an impatient bitch. anyway, my depression has gotten a lot worse recently so i can kinda empathise with you. HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON :D here, have a naked Frank to keep you company (:

lina xo

Author's response

Thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear your depression has gotten worse...feel free to email me if you need to talk or anything (: Ooooh, a naked Frankie..I'm starting to feel better already!
Thanks again for being so supportive.

CosmicZombie xo