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Important note regarding upcoming chapters.

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I know, I hate it when I scroll down a story and see one of these, but it really is important that you read this......

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Hey, I know how shit it is to scroll down a story and see one of these notes, but I'm afraid it just had to be done. Please read this, guys- it is kinda important.

I'll try and keep this short; firstly, I'm honestly so sorry it's been a while since I updated. It's just that I've been feeling incredibly depressed lately; I'm having to try and catch up with a years worth of missed schoolwork for exams in under three months while trying (and currently failing) to deal with anxiety and panic attacks, and post viral fatigue from my glandular fever, which basically means I get exhausted really easily and feel ill, which of course just makes everything twice as hard. On top of that, I've started doing something I really thought I'd overcome and consequently feel like a complete failure.

Anyway, due to all of this, I'm finding it difficult to update this story. Not because I don't want to- I was really starting to enjoy writing it, but when I feel depressed like this, I just don't have the motivation for anything. I know people say to use it to fuel your writing, but that just doesn't work for me- I can do that with almost any emotion other than depression. Depression just makes me completely defeated.

I really will try and get the next chapter up as soon as I can- I do not want to put this on hiatus or anything, and I have started chapter fourteen, but I can't guarantee when it will be posted. I hope I'll get it up within a week, but I can't promise. I'll try my very best though.

I'm so, so sorry again- I hope you're not all too disappointed in me. I know I am.

Finally, thank you all so fucking much for your amazing support on this story- it literally is what keeps me going sometimes. You guys have no idea how much a nice review makes my day and gives me the push to try so hard and overcome my issues and keep writing.

Love you all and thanks for reading. Sorry to offload all my boring problems on you.

I will work my hardest to update as soon as possible.

CosmicZombie xoxo
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