Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) aweirdtree 2012-02-21

i hope you know that we're all with you. and gosh, that sounds so corny in a way; but i guess you know what i mean :p if you can't update, well, then don't. it's simple as that. and by that i don't mean you should dwell up in your depression but just, you know, if you don't have the energy, then just rest and write and update later. we're not pressuring you, just take as much time as you want to - we're not going anywhere, you know that right? (:

anyways, just keep strong. i know it's easier said than done but as long as you even try it's okay to not to be okay. as everyone seems to have already said, feel better soon (:

Author's response

Thank you so much, that's really nice to hear (: I'm always really worried I'll lose readers when I don't update, so that means a lot, thank you (:

CosmicZombie xo