Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) MyChemxD 2012-02-21

darling! oh god, im so sorry about whats going on with you right now! you really dont bore us. your such and inspiration to me and im sure many others too. dont worry about the story! its amazing but you have bigger things on your mind right now and i understand. i really do. i just hope you can overcome this stressful chapter of your life. trust me, it will pass. i also hope these panic attacks stop and that you can focus your mind onto what you need to do at this moment in time.
stay strong killjoy

Author's response

Aww, thank you, that means so much to hear. I really hope I can overcome it too...and I will update as soon as I can because I love writing, and it's what keeps me alive. Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me :')

CosmicZombie xo