Review for Thoughts of Pudding (2012)

Thoughts of Pudding (2012)

(#) Circaea 2012-02-24

Okay, two things you should know:

1. The admin does not interact with the site. It's just that while buggy and handled with benign but total neglect, it's still preferable to the alternatives for a lot of authors E.g. Ficwad has very liberal content policies in the terms of use -- you can pretty much post whatever and not get kicked off, whereas is fairly restrictive in theory if not in actual enforcement. That doesn't seem to be relevant to your story, but for a lot of authors that's a reason they're here.

Actually, the only the the admin does, if we are lucky, is renew the domain registration, which is always a down-to-the-wire thing.

2. The domain registration will expire on 3/5 unless the admin remembers the site exists and decides to bother renewing.

I hate to say it, since I prefer this site to the alternatives, but you might just want to wait the week and see if Ficwad continues to exist past then. :(