Review for Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

(#) vampiresdontglitter 2012-02-25

1. Name/Age : Gia Russo, 20, feel free to change.

2. Your appearance & what you want me to highlight in the story : Blackcherry hair down to chest. 5'5. Slender frame. Tan skin (half Italian/half Mexican.) Dark brown almond shaped eyes lip ring.

3. Which My Chem members do you want included/Want to be paired with? : Bob, Ray included.

4. What My Chem Era are they from/look like?(Revenge, Black Parade, Danger Days etc.): Revenge!

5. Plot? Is it in high school or during the van days. Are they a big band now or is it in a different universe where they are all nurses? Tell me what you want your story to about : Taking place during Warped Tour, Bob and Ray have some down time and Bob's practicing his drums when he accidentally lets one stick go and it happens to hit Gia in the head. Sort of one those 'shit!' moments that end up in the two liking each other.

6. Should I or should I not include smut/sex scene? if so how? : Not necessary (:

7. Anything else that you want me to include/know? : She's a band merch for Fall Out Boy and good friends with Patrick.

Thanks, I hope the plot wasn't lame, I'm not really creative with these
-_- ha.

Author's response

lol No, the plot was cool! I can totally make a story out of this. And bonus points for having FOB/Patrick in there. ^_^

plotting the story out now. I hope you like it.