Review for Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

(#) Vengefulscout 2012-02-25

1. Name/Age: Emily Toye aged 25 (you can change the age if you want)

2. Your appearance & what you want me to highlight in the story: Long brown hair, silver-blue eyes, 5'4, pale, no make-up, skinny, has a scar up her left arm.

3. Which My Chem members do you want included/Want to be paired with?:I would like to be paired with Gerard please

4. What My Chem Era are they from/look like?(Revenge, Black Parade, Danger Days etc.): Revenge

5. Plot? Is it in high school or during the van days. Are they a big band now or is it in a different universe where they are all nurses? Tell me what you want your story to about: She and Gerard have been friends for about 2 months and she really liked him. Mikey goes to a apparant haunted house and didn't come home. She and Gerard go to find him in the house and they get attacked by spirits and ghosts and Gerard confesses his love for her. It's up to you if they get out :)

6. Should I or should I not include smut/sex scene? if so how?: No thank you :)

7. Anything else that you want me to include/know?: Not really. I think that's all

Hope that's okay. Happy Story Writing!

Emily ;)