Review for Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-02-25

Hm, I've always wanted to do one of these, so I guess I'll make the most of it while I can :D
1. Name/Age. Anna, 20
2. Your appearance & what you want me to highlight in the story. Dark Brown hair with Cherry red highlights, blue eyes, skinny, sort of pale, tongue ring, skinny jeans and Green Day hoodie.
3. Which My Chem members do you want included/Want to be paired with? Fuck it- Frank and Mikey :3
4. What My Chem Era are they from/look like?(Revenge, Black Parade, Danger Days etc.): Revenge, please.
5. Plot? Is it in high school or during the van days. Are they a big band now or is it in a different universe where they are all nurses? Tell me what you want your story to about. Basically you can make my character a bit of a slut. (Can't believe I'm doing this! XD) She gets backstage passes to meet the guys, and when she sees those two looking a bit tired, she goes and 'helps the out'. (Oh lord...)
6. Should I or should I not include smut/sex scene? if so how? Uh, if you want. Not wanting to make you uncomfortable, but if you feel that it goes with the plot, go right aread :3 
7. Anything else that you want me to include/know? I can't wait for the story! Lol. Have fun with this one xD