Review for Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

Do you want a personalized My Chem one shot?

(#) missfunghoul57 2012-02-25

1. Name/Age: Eva Cates/ 18

2. Your appearance & what you want me to highlight in the story: Dark brown hair that falls to the center of her chest, and is slightly wavy. She has brown eyes, and a very clear complexion. Her beauty is alluring, and her lips are the perfect baby doll shape. She is very petite, so very skinny and kinda short!

3. Which My Chem members do you want included/Want to be paired with?: Actually you can choose whether you think Gerard or Frankie would fit better!!!!

4. What My Chem Era are they from/look like?(Revenge, Black Parade, Danger Days etc.): Black Parade!

5. Plot?: When a certain Jersey boy moves to the heart of the south with his mother, he can't wait for the summer to end...well that is until he meets a beautiful southern belle at a welcoming party thrown by the community. The fact that this little lady is so hard to get, only makes our Jersey boy want her more. He quickly learns that it's going to take some work and feeling to win her heart, but when it's finally declared his's, he wins sooo much more than he could have asked for. This mismatched pair teaches their way of life, which is harder that it seems since one is a city rocker, and the other is a small town "cowgirl". Although they went through challenges and hard times, by the end of the summer, the two find themselves un-separable.

6. Should I or should I not include smut/sex scene? if so how?: Sure! Wherever you think it would fit in the story :D

7. Anything else that you want me to include/know?: Their relationship of complete opposites attracting is very hard for their friends and sometimes their parents to understand. The love between them is very unlikely, but it sure as hell is apparent and true.

Thank you sooooo much! Xoxoxoxo