Review for A Political Rant.

A Political Rant.

(#) scarlett_fitch2027 2012-03-01

I think it's like you said, it all depends on what you believe in. If you believe that Israel is the chosen land given to Jews and Israelites then the Jews and Israelites are in their perfect rights to own it. If, however, you believe that the land belongs to the Palestinians then the Palestinians also have that right. The main problem is, and I'm sorry if this offends, people are fucking stupid and don't like to share. OBVIOUSLY I'm not making this statement about a whole nation, just extremist individuals and corrupt politions. Bottom line, the people in power don't deserve to be and it's driving us all into a world of shit.

I think you have a point about people invading and taking control over of other people's countries etc but you have to see it from their point of view too. They think, and I'm not saying I agree, that they're perfectly within their rights to take their country back and they're willing to fight, kill and die for that belief.

Nice to know somebody out there cares what's going on in the world though.


Author's response

I respect your opinion, and I get what you mean too. But, you cannot just invade a land that you thought belonged to you thousands of years ago...

Palestinians have lived there for hundreds of years and in the early 1900's some Jews just walk in and claim this land belongs to them. Then, practically massacring all the Palestinians that are standing there and fighting for their country. Palestinians also have every right to fight, kill, and die to get their country back. And when they get classified as terrorists for doing that, then that is just sad. After how many Palestinians Israel has slaughtered, and the amounts of bombs that were dropped on Gaza, that's a fucking crime against humanity.

Israel also believes that Sinai is their land. Sinai is a part of my country, so this shit it personal. In 1967 They came and invaded Egypt, and they actually took Sinai. It took six days of war to get it back. and they're still out for it.

Last week, Israeli's went into Jerusalem (Which isn't Israeli land) and wanted to demolish the Al Quds Mosque. Just for fun. I believe that mosque is the second or third holiest place for muslims, they have no fucking right to do that.

Israel's history is full of blood, war, and violence. I just think someone has to do something about this considering neither countries are willing to share, and I get where they're coming from.

-Poison Ivy