Review for Before I post a fic, I would like to get aquainted with the lovely people of "Ficwad"

Before I post a fic, I would like to get aquainted with the lovely people of "Ficwad"

(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-03-02

Name: Anna Manning

Gender: Hermaphrodite. O.O

JK- Female. 

Character/ Part you want to be in the fic: Mikey's Girlfriend please! :3

Looks: Thick, Straight, Dark brown hair with bright red highlights, goes a little past shoulders. Pale complexion, light blue eyes and is usually wearing dark eyeliner. Not too tall, pretty thin, and shorter than Mikey. Has braces, btw. 

Style: Always wears the same Smashing Pumpkins hoodie, lounge type short-shorts, wears grey/black plaid Converse with red laces. More of a punk style, so the likes Pins, buttons and patches. 

Personality: Smart, but awfully lazy, which is why she doesn't get the best grades (Mikey to the rescue!) Lol, sarcastic and can come off a bit rude to people she doesn't know. She loves public affection and has a bit of a perverted sense of humor. Likes to film stuff with her iPod, watch YouTube, and lives in the Internet, basically. She also loves to write and read, including Harry Potter. In fact- her friends call her obsessed. She loves all things music and art.

Favorite member of MCR: Mikey :3

What the fuck kind of a story do you want me to write?
I was hoping it could be a one-shot, not really developed plot, just a summer day where an awkward 15 year-old couple share a first kiss. Hoping for some major fluff and cuteness? Hopefully it's easy... At least it's not sex, haha. I love how on all the auditions for personalized stories, the authors ask the reviewer about smut. Lol- I'd hate to have a random person write a sex scene about me XD

Looking forward to it! :3 And oh yeah- this right here is basically me. Everything you need to know about me is right 'ere, love! -Random British accent time-