Review for I Never told You What I Do For A Living

I Never told You What I Do For A Living

(#) UndergroundCinnamon 2012-03-07

This is really really good! Frank's emotions were really... 'human'...hehe, i dunno how to explain it...well, hopefully you get what I mean :)
but i also like the way you wrote Gerard's letter, it has alot of feeling behind , and everythihng jsut works really good together :D
keep up the great work!
xx, a.
(I just realized I make my smiley faces backwards... is it :) or (: ? sorry, i only just realized XD)

Author's response

ah thanks so much! i guess this was actually the beginning of my insanity, huh? MORE MESSED UP SHIT WILL ENSUE!! D:< im glad you like it!


lina xo

ps i do my smiley faces like (: and others do it like :) BUT WHATEVER AND OMG THIS SOUNDED SO WRONG!!