Review for Story Auditions

Story Auditions

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-03-10

Name: Taylor Lee

Nickname: Ta

Age: 19 (can change)

Part: Bad witch

Looks is split for detail

Hair colour and how it is usually worn:

Eyes: Very big and mangaish, stormy grey

Skin tone: Very pale

Body type: Freakishly tall: 5'11, skinny as fuck: 80lbs

Tattoos: Giant black angel wings covering back with "We are the Fallen Angels" down the spine in between the two wings

Piercings: Nose ring through the right nostril, lip ring, eyebrow, monroe, 9 in on ear, 3 in the other, tongue stud

Makeup: Ivory foundation, Egyptian style eyeliner, a ton of black mascara, blood red lipstick

Clothes you normally wear: except it's blue instead of pink and she hasn't got the weird necklace thing

Clothes for a special occasion (like a school dance): yes very whorish but that's how my character is

Clothes for a special witch ceremony type thing (include any changes to hair or makeup): Her hair is dyed jet black and is very messy and tangled, her makeup consist of Celtic symbols drawn all over her body in the blue dye that Celts used, her outfit is just black tape covering her tits and a black lacy thong and suspenders connected to fishnet stockings (yes very whoreish)

Likes: Nature, drugs, smoking, music,

Dislikes: Homophobes, war, racism, fascism, bigots, arrogance, ignorance

Personality: Insane. smokes ALL the time, is heavily addicted to Heroin, takes LSD, stares at people a lot, talks quite a bit, not afraid to give her opinion even if it offends some, she's a lesbian and not afraid to admit it

Favourite colour: Black and blood red

Lucky number: 69 :L

Favourite gem stone: Sapphire

a few interesting, random facts about yourself: can't think of anything

Music taste: Likes everything apart from Rap

Why did you chose to be a good or a bad witch? Because all of her family were murdered and she wanted revenge, because they were all brutally murdered in front of her when she was 3 she was left traumatized and left her insane

What is your favourite spell? Setting things on fire

Do you enjoy having your powers? She loves it

Thoughts on humans that have no powers: She doesn't treat them as scum but she thinks they're naive and ignorant

Anything else: She's fluent in Italian, Japanese, russian, native american and passaltongue (or however you spell it, basically language of snakes)

Good luck

Rosie :)