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Story Auditions

(#) JustYourAverageGirl 2012-03-10

Name: Constantin Williams
Nickname: People call him Connie but he hates it.
Age: 17, can change if you need to.
Part: Gee's boyfriend or otherwise just his friend.
Looks is split for detail
Hair: Short, black, somewhat curly.
Eyes: Green
Body type: Skinny, 6'1.
Any tattoos or piercings: Not currently, but is thinking of getting a tattoo.
Makeup: Doesn't wear any.
Normal clothes: Skinnies (But not the super tight ones, though.), plaid button ups, t shirts with funny sayings on them. sweaters if it's cold out. Never goes anywhere without his army jacket which is loaded with pins, patches, buttons, etc. Also wears lots of suspenders and bowties because he's cool like that.
Clothes for a special occasion: Tartan jeans, gray shirt, black tie, black blazer. Red or black converse.
Clothes for a ceremony: Black pants, white shirt, and, once again, suspenders and a bowtie of some sort.
Likes: Cigarettes, meeting new people, reading, parks, sushi.
Dislikes: Reality shows, romantic comedies, bullies.
Personality: Intelligent, likes taking risks, sarcastic, a bit cynical.
Favorite color: Green
Lucky number: 12
Favorite gem stone: Onyx
A few interesting, random facts about yourself: He's left handed, a total movie buff, and he speaks French.
Music taste: Will listen to almost anything except for rap, country, and auto-tuned, bubblegum pop crap.
Why did you choose to be a good witch or a bad witch? Good, because he was always mesmerized by witches and their abilities.
What is your favorite spell? Changing the weather.
Do you enjoy having your powers? Yes.
Thoughts on humans that have no powers: Considers himself equal to them.
Anything else: Not that I know of.
Hope this helps you!