Review for Story Auditions

Story Auditions

(#) MCRkilljoy 2012-03-10

Name: Sílé Ryte ( She-la )

Nickname: Ry

Age: Whatever fits

Part: Gerard's Friend ( the not so good one )

Looks is split for detail
Hair colour and how it is usually worn: Long Black and red. Straight. Just down, nothing in it.

Eyes: Blue with a black ring around the edge

Skin tone: Pale

body type: Not thin, not fat. 5,5

any tattoos or piercings: NOOOOO!!! Terrified of needles!!

makeup: Doesn't wear it, except of eye liner

clothes you normally wear: Jeans, leather jackets, studs, knee high boots or converse

clothes for a special occasion (like a school dance) :

clothes for a special witch ceremony type thing (include any changes to hair or makeup): No makeup changes

likes: Animals ( Rats, Horses and Wolves especially ) music, coffee, fire

dislikes: Sappy love things, people who abuse animals, cats ( weird for a witch, I know ) homophobes

personality: Well, even though shes a bad witch, she's nice to her friends. She not full on bad witch, but she would do a lot of shit which kind of makes her bad if you get what I mean. She hates most people in general and isn't open to making new friends. She's very funny and takes everything in a dirty way.

Favourite colour: Black or green

Lucky number: 73

Favourite gem stone: Onyx or Emerald

a few interesting, random facts about yourself: She can't touch her toes, but she can bend over backwards and put her hands between her legs then roll onto her stomach. Can ride horses. Feared of heights.

music taste: Screamo, speed metal, death metal, heavy metal, rock, soft rock, punk rock.

why did you chose to be a good or a bad witch? Because being a good witch is too boring!!

What is your favourite spell? Making fire, teleportation, telekinesis, getting inside things heads ( animals and people) controlling the elements.

Do you enjoy having your powers? FUCK YEAH BITCHS!!!

Thoughts on humans that have no powers: Doesn't like them because she doesn't like anyone until she gets to know them.

Anything else: She's bisexual, has a rat called Rex ( male ) a Husky/Wolf called Spike ( male ) and a stallion called Stryker ( male obviously )

If you don't want to put me in thats okay, I'm going to read it anyway because I am just such a nice person ;)