Review for Story Auditions

Story Auditions

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2012-03-10

Name- Jasmine Price

Nickname- Jazz Hands, Jazzy, Princess Jasmine, Pricetag, Sunshine, Brunie, Love Bug, and Baby Doll

Age- 16 or something else thats around there.

Part- One of Gerard's good witch friends

Looks is split for detail:

Hair color and how its usually worn- Its a dark brown with light brown on the tips (which is how I got the nickname Brunie) my hair is long, it reaches to the middle of my back, its layered, I have a side fringe that goes to the right. My hair is usually straight and I always have it down with a head band in it. But on special occasions I have my hair curled with a really cute hair piece. The fringe would always straight

Eye color- dark brown that looks hazel in the light

Skin tone- creamy pale

Body type- skinny, curvy but not to curvy, I have a little muscle, 5'4 and long arms and legs

Any tattoos or piercings- ears are pierced once and would usually have silver skull earrings or black angel wing ones, but I mostly wear tiny diamond earrings, and no tattoos

Makeup- light gray shade of eyeshadow, and a little blush. Sometimes I would put a clear colored lip gloss, but I don't do that all the time.

Clothes you normally wear- band shirts (like BVB, 30 Seconds to Mars, Slipknot, Paramore, Panic! at the Disco, the Offspring, Gorillaz, and Misfits) sometimes shirts with a random cartoon character (like Hello Kitty, Tweety, or the penguin from Adventure Time) colorful skinny jeans that are either ripped or have random doodles on them, sometimes skirts or tutus with my favorite black sparkly leggings, fingerless gloves (my favorite ones are my pink ones with hello kitty) hoodies (my favorite one is my pink hello kitty one with little cat ears on the hood) sometimes a random hat, and converses of any color. And I would be wearing my Black Veil Brides neclace.

Clothes for special occasion (like a school dance)- a black shirt with hot pink long sleeves, the shirt also has like a white, hot pink and purple flower design, also the chest has a little hot pink. To go along with it, my gray mini skirt with a black floral design on the left with a black butterfly flying on it, fishnet tights, and my blck boots. Also my hair would have like a silver clip that looks like a butterfly, and my makeup would stay the same. And I would be wearing my silver heart shaped necklace and finger nails would be painted black.

Clothes for special witch ceremony type thing (including any changes to hair and make up)- a dark purple dress coat, a white dress shirt with a black bow tie, dark purple pants that are knee length, black high tops, white gloves and a black top hat.Hair is curled with some glitter in it. And eyeshadow is darker and thats about it.

Likes- HELLO KITTY, skittles, coffee, magic, being hyper, pie, chocolate, music, writing, unicorns and red roses.

Dislikes- needles, posers, bitches, douchebags, really really retarted people, Justin Bieber, stalkers, rap music, and black magic.

Personality- happy, bubbly, giggly, smart, dumb sometimes, gets pissed off easily, can break a bone if I need to, shy around new people but I'm really easy to talk to, creative, hyper, sneaky, knows how to use language, can cover up bad words with random thinks (like if the word was hell, I would say what the H E double hocky sticks) and a party animal

Favorite color- dark purple, black and hot pink

Lucky number- 21

Favorite gem stone- ruby. Mostly the ones that are bloody red.

A few interesting, random facts about yourself- I can run very fast, when I was three I spanked a seven year old boy in the butt when he was bullying me so people don't mess with me, I get really crazy when I eat skittles, and I laugh when babies cry.

Music tastes- screamo, alternative, pop, some country music, and rock n' roll.

Why did you choose to be a good or bad witch- my mom was a good witch so I'm following her steps

What is your favorite spell- levatation spell, mind reading, and telling the future

Do you enjoy having powers- fuck yes!

Anything else- when I get skittles I would levatate, which is something I need to handle, and I'm sort of like a new witch so I need help to handle every spell, mostly levatation.

Thank you for consideration