Review for The Bass Files

The Bass Files

(#) thexrealxme 2006-10-24

yeah i dont know... 1. still favorite story ever and every chapters amazing. but 2. i love andy (hes obviously my favorite) but patrick's a close second, sooo i dont know if i want her to be with andy or patrick either.

at least let the poor girl have sex with andy. and you know, not just in a dream!

love it!

Author's response

:) Hm, I could do that. Thing is if I was in love with a guy and he would just want to have sex with me for the act of it (cos Andy´s not in love with Sheena) I´m not sure I´d really appreciate that. Probably the problem here is that I can´t distance myself enough from the Sheena character. Nah, well... I´ll think about it. ;)