Review for Audition


(#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-03-24

Part: Queen, or anything else really

Name: Archella (pronounced our-kella)

Age: 4017, but looks 17

Personality: Really loyal, super protective of friends. When in public, attempts to maintain a royal composure, but kind of fails. Has a good sense of humor. Likes doing Dangerous shit for fun, but often can't because she's supposed to be all professional and stuff.

Likes: doing dangerous shit for fun, coffee, laughing, fun people, music of almost any kind

Dislikes: jerks, people who don't like her, being stuck in one place, needles, being entrapped.

A few interesting facts: can swim really fast, is terrified of needles


Hair: really long, wavy. A pretty blue-black type color.

Eyes: bright green

Makeup: eyeliner..

Any piercings/tattoos: none

Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: ~~kind of pale, kind of short. Skinny but not muscle-y

Anything else: nope

For the Atlantians

How do you react when the explorers find the city?
A bit surprised, but not scared. I think they will be a friendly people.

Do you remember anything from the day Atlantis was lost beneath the waves?
I was a small child then, I only remember being scared and my mother telling me it would be okay. She perished, I was adopted by our first rulers of our water-y city. I was their only heir.

Did you think that anyone would ever find the city?
I did not for a long time.

For the Atlantian Queen(please fill in the above as well)

How do you rule the city?
With a kind heart, and fair judgement. I observe both sides of everything and make the best judgement possible.

Are you well liked?
I think my people like me, I hope they do.

Is lynz an actual relation to you or did you just take her in?
She was my sister's daughter. (my sister perished when my mother did).

okay, I hope I get in this!! this story sound sooo cool!! can't wait to read :3