Review for Audition


(#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-03-24

Part: Atlantian. Possibly an engineer's Daughter? :/

Name: Rae (Doesn't have a last name?)

Age: (remember if an Atlantian what I said in the note above) Only about 100-120. Relatively young.

Personality: Very intellectual, Likes to read and write, awkward in social situations, doesn't talk much, is quite a good mechanic- helps out father with submarine maintenance a lot, quite anti-social, only has a small number of friends - most of which are older than her, polite and soft-spoken.

Likes:  playing piano, writing poetry, working with her hands, (mechanically-duh), nature, climbing trees, her social networking accounts, and the library.

Dislikes: Oddly enough, school. She isn't bullied, but she doesn't know many people who share the same interests as her. Large crowds, arrogance, church, (agnostic), and hot pockets.

A few interesting facts: Is shockingly flexible, and can imitate almost any contortion. Knows sign language, and has broken both arms before. 

Clothes: She doesn't really like fancy clothing, so you wouldn't ever see her in name-brands. She doesn't get in trouble a lot, so her parents give her money every other week for clothes she likes. It's a bit of an "off" style, mainly consisting of oversized sweatshirts and tee-shirts with leggings and small sneakers. 

Hair: Dark brown, wavy, usually in a messy braid about to her elbows. 
Eyes: Dark Grey, with flecks of lavender. 
Makeup: Not much except Black mascara.  
Any piercings/tattoos: One hole on each ear.

Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: around 5'2 and 100 lbs. Tan/olive skin, pretty lean.  
Anything else: Yeah... No. :3

For the Atlantians
How do you react when the explorers find the city? Was shocked, but as she meets the new people she is intrigued, and wants to know more about them.

Do you remember anything from the day Atlantis was lost beneath the waves? Wasn't born, but she us glad she doesn't know. Her mother refuses to speak about it, and she is a particularly strong woman. 

Did you think that anyone would ever find the city? Yes, but she didn't know who.