Review for Audition


(#) Mynameisnotimportant 2012-03-24

Part: Engineer.

Name: Milo Simon Grant

Age: 23

Personality: Loves physics, and chemistry. Very intellectual, hyperactive, and gets excited about things that don't actually matter, i.e. finding moths, markers, glow-sticks, and fish. Talks about things that he thinks are cool even if nobody else is interested.

Likes: making explosives, chess, ping pong, combustion engines, fixing machinery, reading big books, bad jokes, puns, and Monty Python.

Dislikes: Certain sounds, like rubbing hand lotion and whistling. Hates hot pockets, people eating his food, people using his stuff, people taking his stuff, people who chew pencils, and people who have different opinions than him.

Interesting facts: For an elementary bomb-maker and engineer, he has horrible eyesight. Needs glasses and is totally blind without them. Milo is Canadian, has seven older brothers, and a lisp.

Clothes: Milo has no sense of colour matching or what to wear. Has an affinity for ponchos, rain boots, umbrellas, camouflage cargo pants, and t-shirts that he usually doesn't wash.

Hair: Brown, combed only for special occasions. Usually just cuts it himself, so a mess in general.

Eyes: Grey.

Makeup: None at all.

Piercings/Tattoos: One entirely unidentifiable one on his ankle. Got it after a frat party when he was too drunk to drive home. When people ask him what it is, he usually answers, "Your mum."

Brief description: 5'11" and really skinny. Reasonably white skin with freckles.

Why he wants to find Atlantis: He believes it's the next big step for humankind.
Wealth: Help fund other investigations and set up a small explosive-making business.
Atlantians: Never really expected to find people, constantly asks them questions, tries to teach them other languages, and thinks that some Atlantian girls are pretty hot but too young for him.

What he expected: find a sector of the lost city, ruins of houses, perhaps some fossils, and deep down in his heart, possibly Aquaman.

Why: he thinks that even though the evidence is shaky, there was proof of that ancient library falling into the sea, so why couldn't an entire city fall in if it's structurally unsound?