Review for Auditions


(#) bloodbunny15 2012-03-24

Name: Andy Mitchells

Part: natalia's band

Age: (18+) 19

Gender: male

Instrument: bass

Appearance is split for detail
Hair: short, black spkied at back with red bangs

Eyes: crystal blue

Skin tone: pale-ish

Clothes/jewelry/shoes: vans or converses, a guitar pick pendant, band merch (mcr, green day and bvb preferably), skinny jeans and studded belts

Tattoos/piercings: a tattoo on his left wirst saying "never give in" and a black lip ring

Anything else involving appearance: nope

Personality: shy at first but is very creative, witty, intelligent, random, funny, can be a bitch when needed, loyal to friends, reliable and quite reserve about his emotions

Backstory: grew up in england (newcastle aka the north) in a "picture perfect" family but his family hated him and abused him, he became depressed, he used to cut (you can still see the scars) and has attempted suicide cause of this, he moved to where the story is set 2 years ago (well ran away) and music has saved his life and now lives with his best friends Ty, DJ and Rosie

Anything else: nopey dopey

hope you like it :)