Review for Audition


(#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-03-24

Part: Any part of Gerard's crew. Maybe a submarine technician or something. Someone into the whole military kind of thing
Name: Danyel Harleyson (Have a guy name, but I swear I'm a girl)
Age: 27
Personality: Very adventurous. Likes to take risks and to discover new places. The idea of finding a lost city amazes her. She is easily captivated by anything new she sees or finds. She is a very bubbly person and is always the life of the party. She cracks jokes every now and then and everyone loves being around her because of her outgoing and original personality.
Likes: Discovering new things. Making people laugh. Staying up late talking with anyone. Reading books. Writting in a journal she keeps.
Dislikes: When people give her orders in any cruel way. Being bossed around. Being used. Being under pressure.
A few interesting facts: When she was born her parents, specially her father, was awaiting her to be a boy. But of course she wasn't. Though this being so, her father treated her and raised her as a boy. Giving her the name she had, and sending her to military school since she was young. Because of this being so, she had always dreamed of being treated as a real woman for once. Her friends and crew mates never really treated her in any female way. In conclusion she was one of the boys.
Clothes: She was in military school and well she's used to wearing her army uniform (when not on duty she wears it a lot like Michelle Rodriguez did in the movie Avatar). She doesn't really have a big knowledge in fashion or anything. For she is mostly seen with just a pair of jeans and a random T-shirt. She's really into sweaters though. Those she owns a lot.
Hair: she has very long light brown hair, so light it's almost a blonde kind of shade. It goes half way down her back, slightly under her waist. she usually wears it up in a pony tail. She doesn't have bangs or fringe. Her hair is sleek straight.
Eyes: Emerald green. (Kinda like Billie Joe Armstrong's eyes)
Makeup: She doesn't really wear make up. She's pretty much a tomboy. But, she doesn't really need it, since she's natually beautiful.
Any piercings/tattoos: She had only one piercing. A lip ring on the left side. Tattos she has many. Both her arms are covered neatly with tattoo sleves.
Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: She's naturally thin, but she has a slightly curvy body. A very feminie silhouette. she's rather tall too. She's about 5'8''. She is slightly tan, but it's a natural tan. Along with her light hair and eye color, it gives her a very exotic look.
Anything else: She is very smart. She loves sciene; biology, physics, chemistry. She has a scar on her neck. Three long cuts she suffered a long time, early in her life. It looks a lot as if Wolverine from X-men had atacked her. It's on the right side of her neck.

For the explorers
Why do you want to find the lost city? I think it's a great thing, finding a city that suposedly doesn't exist or was lost years ago is a big thing. Besides it would be quite an adventure. she's really into myserious things, so finding it would be a thrill.
What will you do with the wealth you will undoubtedly come back with? Just store it, keep it for a near future. She doesn't really take matter in it or care about it. She grew up in a not so welthy family, so money isn't her major priority.
Thoughts on the Atlantians? Amazing really. Very different and more exciting than the ordinary people you see everyday.
What do you expect to find at Atlantis? Riches. Not just economicaly. But culturaly and natural.
Why do you believe it is real? Heard about since she was young and had always been interested in it and its finding.

Thanks for reading. I wish you good luck in your story. Amazing idea for a story by the way :D Very creative.