Review for Audition


(#) Apocalyto 2012-03-25

Part: Cook assistant
Name: Chloe Lewis
Age: 16
Personality: Very shy around strangers, kind, aggressive when angry, motherly to kids, protective over friends and family, funny, sarcastic, slight insecurity issues, hyper most of the time around friends, bookworm, smart, talkative most of the time, but can stop talking for ages, sick minded and
Likes: Baking, drawing, writing, reading, pop tarts, swimming, steampunk, music, tea, being around nature and
Dislikes: People invading her personal space, crowds, people telling her what to do all the time, ‘popular’ people, jerks, show-offs, homophobia (although she’s straight) and heights.
A few interesting facts:
Clothes: Skinny jeans, combat boots, striped jumpers, braces/suspenders, button-up shirts, ties, steampunk goggles, converse, hoodies, chequered shirts, corsets and band shirts.
Hair: Light brown, just below the shoulder length, straight and spiky.
Eyes: Blue with brown flecks.
Makeup: Black nail varnish and sometimes a bit of mascara.
Any piercings/tattoos: None.
Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect: Pale with freckles, 5’5 and average weight.
Anything else: English.
For the explorers
Why do you want to find the lost city? It seemed like an interesting adventure and she always believed in fantasy stories like Atlantis.
What will you do with the wealth you will undoubtedly come back with? Probably to open up her own bakery.
Thoughts on the Atlantians? Their culture is very interesting and she enjoys studying it.

What do you expect to find at Atlantis? Ruins of a lost culture.
Why do you believe it is real? The stories and proof are quite solid.