Review for 100 Ways To Torture Gerard Way

100 Ways To Torture Gerard Way

(#) Heartbreak_Beauty 2012-03-28

I've had this idea for Frank, but I don't want to do it because of some personal reasons. Here's my list. :)Use a few or alot, I don't mind :)

Rape him normally.
Rape him tied to bed
Blindfold/earplugs so rest of the world is blanked out so he can’t try to distract himself from thinking about family/death
Burning (Candles, lighter)
Whips (Chain, belt, (Look up more) )
Burning body lotion.

Ice (Rips skin out of asshole. OW.)

Knives. (Cuts skin/ruins tattoos)
Tattoo degrading things onto him to see (Slut, whore, bitch, theif, wanhna be, faggot,)
Torment him about his family. (Never going home. Weve killed your family. Them all. (They havent) )

Make him watch videos of his family all happy with him that they stole.
Watch his own tapes of him being raped.
(later on) Watch videos of them stalink Jamia./MCR but not interacting to show they know where they are.

Tell him hes going home. Tell him they are keeping his family safe because he is here.

Make him listen to MCR/ audio of his daughters.

Make him watch them torture animals.

Make him eat meat.

Bring him to immense pleasure and rip it away. (Cock ring, take off, stab him in the arm)

Ruin his tattoos.

Rape him orally.

Let him have one scrapbook of his family's photos and they take one each time (Towards the end)

Tie him to a beg and let them beat him while someone’s blowing him (Mind fuckery?)

Make him kill a puppy that looks like his own and has same name?

Tell him he has to rape Gerard/Wife/Kids but he doesn't actually.

Leave him alone for long periods of times so he has to think about things.