Review for Trying To Escape The Inevitable

Trying To Escape The Inevitable

(#) aweirdtree 2012-04-01

heyhey, don't apologise! what the fuck? your life is far more important than this story, seriously. don't stress over your fics, after all, they're not the most significant thing in the world.

anyways, i'd vote for option number one as long as it doesn't stress you out too badly - i love all your stories and they always (and i really mean always) manage to make me smile and live with the characters. they're so wonderful (: but if you find it too hard to write three stories at the same time, then just drop one. i don't know which one, though... i want to read all of them! haha, whatever, just do as you please. it doesn't really matter if you update a little slowlier as long as you update. but thanks for telling us and asking our opinion as well!

Author's response

Thanks (: You're right- I mean, my writing is one of the most important things to me, but if I really want to peruse it later on in life, I have to do other things just now to get there.

Thanks so much for being supportive, it means a lot (: And you're welcome- I really value you guys opinions!

CosmicZombie xo