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Should I continue this story?

by CosmicZombie 31 reviews

Yes, I know. Another stupid author's note. Sorry guys. Important- please read?

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Hey guys...I'm so sorry this isn't an update.

God, I hate posting author's notes, and I'm sure you guys hate reading them instead of a chapter, but this is important.

Okay, so I want to know; should I continue this story?

It's just...well, I'm not sure if it's very good anymore. Or if people are really enjoying it.

The thing is, I don't really have time to do this story justice- my life right now is totally hectic; I'm moving schools again, repeating the year, catching up with a year's missed work, trying to overcome anxiety and glandular fever...yeah, I'm sure you get the picture. It's incredibly stressful, but I really want to overcome it all now. I feel ready to live.

Basically, I'm either gunna have to drop a story ('cause I'm juggling three that I'm meant to be updating weekly at the moment), or only update every two weeks, because although I love writing, it's just too much to do all this at the moment as well as everything else. I can't let it take over my life and stop me really living, and that's incredibly important for me to do right now.

Also, under this amount of pressure, I'm simply not writing as well as I know I can, which pisses me off. I want to do the stories I'm writing justice and make them as good as I possibly can.

So...what are your opinions?

Should I;

1) Keep writing all my current stories (Translations of Blood, Strike a Violent Pose, Trying to Escape the Inevitable) and just update every two weeks?

2) Temporarily ditch a story- if so, which one?

If I stop doing this story, it won't be permanent- I'll continue to work on it when I have spare moments ect, and start posting again when I have enough work together. I'll probably re-write all the chapters I've done too, because I haven't done some of them to the best of my ability due to stress ect, and I want to make the story the best I can- do it justice, and I just can't do that right now.

I don't want to give the whole story up or anything, I just don't think it's not fair on you guys if I'm not updating for ages and ages. It's also fair on me to be under so much pressure to update when I have to stay up all night drinking coffee just to get the next chapter posted.

I'm definitely continuing two stories though- I'm not going to give up writing! Seriously, I don't think I'd be alive if I didn't write. But it's what I want to do in life, and in order for that to happen, I need to do other things right now.

Anyway, I'll shut up now...please let me know your thoughts?

Sorry for being so annoying, I hope you don't all hate me too much for this.

Thanks to all of you who have stuck with my stuff and supported me. You're truly amazing.

CosmicZombie xo
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