Review for If I Knew How To Cry, I Would Be

If I Knew How To Cry, I Would Be

(#) xxburymexx 2012-04-02

; u; This isn't shit, so don't even worry about that. Adnarim Smada pretty much said everything I wanted to say... Sometimes the best work can't be edited, because it comes from your heart and not your mind. If that makes sense. I mean, it does come from your mind but more from your heart, therefore editing is not needed... Yeah.

This is beautiful, okay? c':

"Taylor xoox"

Author's response

Thank you, so much. I totally get what you said, wasn't really confusing, so that's good. Thank you, though, for liking this, I honestly thought this was horrible and that everyone would think I was like, whining or some shit. That's what usually happens everywhere else (RL).
So, thanks.