Review for Dress of Bones

Dress of Bones

(#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-04-04

This is an extremely thought-provoking piece of writing and I completely understand what you're trying to say with it. I think it's saying that in society today people are willing to kill who they really are in order to fit in with "beautiful", even though their so-called "ugly" selves were truly beautiful to begin with. At least, that's what this said to me.
Your use of italics and the bold function work really well and add effect to the over all impact of the words. I loved the metaphors and imagery, they really drove the point of the poem home.
Fantastic job and if I'm ever able to write half as wonderfully as this I will be an extremely happy person. Great poem! :)

Author's response

Thank you for such a detailed review, I really appreciate it (: I'm glad you got the message- the modern idea of beauty disgusts me sometimes, because it doesn't seem to matter what's inside at all- or even what's outside, actually. It just has to conform, and it pisses me off so much...why can't it be okay just to be yourself?
Anyway, I'm rambling; thank you so much, this review really made me smile :D
And excuuuuse me- your poems are FAR better than mine, okay? :L
Thanks :D

CosmicZombie xo