Review for Dress of Bones

Dress of Bones

(#) ValentineRevenge 2012-04-07

This is amazing, and fucked up. It shows just how badly people will push themselves to be the perfect pretty things they see in magazines or on the runways. They don't understand that all those scenes are just airbrushed and fake, and that there's pretty much no way for them to ever look like that and still be healthy or even alive. There's so much more I can say about this, but I won't. We need to stop killing ourselves for beauty, and we need to see our 'ugly' selves as being truly beautiful. We are all beautiful in our own ways, bt we just need to see it.

Author's response

Thank you so much! Yeah, that was totally the point I was trying to get across..I'm glad you got it :)
We really do need to stop killing ourselves for 'beauty' and just be beautiful as who we are.
Thanks for reviewing :D