Review for Rebel Love Song

Rebel Love Song

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2012-04-08

Yay~ le update! Aww! Did I really power this xD I should leave really fucking long stalker reviews more often! Haha, shit is so going to go down. Hah... I'm currently listening to Leathermout, which some how makes this just SO much better! I love this!
Say, have you ever put a peach in the microwave? I hear it smells awful... Shite. Oh. Now I need to update Smutty Rebel Love Song...
Who's a killer, who's a killer? SO MUCH BLOOD! Um... Lyrics. Do you ever just... Yanno, write the lyrics of the song you're listening to into your stories? I do it a lot and then I have to delete it because it doesn't make any sense. Haha... Have you tried writing on the toilet yet? It's just... Perfect. I actually read a lot of fanfiction in the bathroom. HA!
Omigod, my parents were taking out the bathtub in our bathroom, and they found gay porn shoved between the tub and the wall AND IT'S NOT MINE!!! Legit. The people whom owned our house before the previous owner had a son... Naughty!
Haha... Updatey eggs! I don't actually like eggs, them mini devils...
Oh, yeah. Updatey followed by another weird word means update soon! Please Updatey ... Um, AndyxGerard needs a pairing name... Anard? Feck no. Anrard? Doubtful... Gendy? Hm... Gandy? Fuck. This is haaaaaard. Siay? Waixx? Arg. Fick. I GIVE UP. Or we could just call them 42... The answer to THE QUESTION. Lol. Reference anyone? Holy hell. This is long. Love this fic. Legit. UPDATEY GANDY!!! (pronounced like Jan-di)