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Chapter Thirteen

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“Think back a month,” Ashley said, “That’s when this all started. What huge thing changed then that could have had this huge effect on Frank? What could have been so monumental?”

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Ashley walked into the My Chemical Romance tour bus, and found Andy and Gerard sprawled on the couch, watching a TV movie. The couple glanced up at the visitor, who solemnly said, “We need to talk.”
Recognition settled on Gerard’s face, and he asked “It’s about Frank isn’t it?” Ash nodded, a sort of sadness in his eyes.
“He got high again,” Ash said, a slight tinge of pain in his voice.
Gerard couldn’t do anything but shake his head. Why is Frank doing this to himself, he thought in exasperation. Gerard knew the feeling that could cause this kind of downward spiral, but what could have created those emotions?
“Do you have any idea why he keeps doing these things?” Andy asked Ashley, seemingly reading his boyfriend’s mind.
“You honestly haven’t guessed?” said Ashley exasperatedly, “You haven’t noticed anything that could have started all this?”
Andy and Gerard shook their heads, honestly not having a clue what was going on. Ash’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief. How could he tell them? How could he crush them like that, and lay that kind of guilt on them? Their was so perfect. This might destroy it. Gerard would have to chose between the man he loved and his best friend. And either way, people would get hurt. How could Ashley force that choice on him? Well, it would happen one way or another, Ash supposed.
“Think back a month,” Ashley said, “That’s when this all started. What huge thing changed then that could have had this huge effect on Frank? What could have been so monumental?”
Confusion crossed across the couple’s faces, followed by deep thought. Gerard figured it out first. His features contorted into disbelief, then that faded into a mix of horror and guilt. “Oh my god,” he whispered, shock lacing his voice, “It’s our fault.”
Andy looked at Gerard, obviously bewildered by the whole thing. “The only thing that’s changed,” Gerard explained, “Is us. We got together, Andy. I don’t know why, but it’s sent Frank into this phase. Our love is killing him, Andy.” Tears were running down the shorter man’s face, and he collapsed into the other’s chest. “I’m killing him!” he wailed, “And I never even knew it!”
Andy started rubbing Gerard’s back, trying to calm him. “It’s not your fault, baby,” he murmured into Gee’s ear, “You couldn’t have known it would do this to him.”
“It doesn’t matter,” Gerard said, voice raspy from crying, “I should have figured it out by now.” Gerard looked up with water flooded eyes. “I’m going to go apologize to Frank,” he continued, starting to get up off the couch.
Andy grabbed his arm and stated, “You have nothing to apologize for. All you did was get into a relationship.”
“But it’s hurting Frank,” Gerard said quietly, eyes cast down towards the floor.
“I know,” said Andy, getting up and embracing his boyfriend, pulling him tightly to his chest.
Ashley watched the whole scene unfold, feeling slightly awkward and guilty. Finally, he cleared his throat slightly, and other two men’s heads snapped around to look at him.
“I get you’re all being emotional right now,” Ashley said nervously, “But we still have to decide what to do about Frank.”
“And who says you’re gonna be involved in that decision?” Gerard snapped.
“Well,” said Ashley, even more tentatively, “I am currently acting as his best friend, since he can’t be around you.”
Gerard bowed his head, and said, “I know. I just hate the idea that anybody else is that close to Frank. That I’ve been replaced.”
“I’m sorry,” Ashley muttered, then with more strength in his voice, “I was just doing what I could to keep him alive. He’s special, and this world shouldn’t lose him just yet.”
Andy and Gerard nodded in agreement, and Gerard asked, “But why is this affecting him so badly?”
Ashley sighed and said, “I really shouldn’t tell you, but I guess you’ll figure it out eventually anyway.” He took a deep breath and continued, “Gerard, Frank isn’t straight. And can you guess who he’s had his eye on for the past few years?”
Gerard gasped, and collapsed back onto the couch, a look of complete shock on his face. “No,” he whispered, “No. It can’t be that...anything but that...I could fix it if it wasn’t that...”
Andy was wide eyed and near hyperventilation. He knew now Gerard would have to choose between him and his best friend. And who could guarantee that Andy wouldn’t be crushed by that choice?
“I have to go talk to Frank,” Gerard said, a determined look in his eye. He pushed past Andy and Ashley and straight out the door, and on towards the Black Veil Brides bus. Andy watched his back until he was on board. Andy knew there was nothing he could do now but pray...
Frank was sitting on the couch in the Black Veil Brides bus when Gerard strode in. One look, and Frank knew he was on a mission. Frank was so skilled at reading him, he knew what the slightest curve of the mouth or the smallest twitch of an eye signalled. But this look could have been figured out by a blind man. Gerard meant business.
“Frank,” said the man in question, “We need to talk.”
Frank inwardly groaned. He had just come back down, and not really in the mood to talk with anyone. And there was no one he wanted to discuss what was going on with less, but what could he do to stop it? He reluctantly nodded, though he knew no good could come of this.
Gerard sat down on the couch beside the other man and turned to face him. “Ashley came over to talk to me and Andy about you.”
Frank gasped, and he immediately felt the feeling of betrayal flood his veins. “What did he tell you?” he asked viciously.
“Just enough to guess on,” explained Gerard, “And if I guessed right...Frank, we REALLY need to talk.”
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