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Chapter Twelve

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"He cried out every last drop of moisture that was in his body..."

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After Andy left, Frank just collapsed and cried. He cried out every last drop of moisture that was in his body. He had been happier than he had been in a month just a few minutes ago, but seeing the face of the man who had stolen his brought him right back down. He sat on the floor, tears falling down his cheeks, rocking gently to the rhythm of his own sobs. At some point, Ashley sat down next to Frank and pulled him into his lap, letting him cry into his shirt. He gently stroked the older’s hair, telling him everything would be alright. As Ashley’s arms wrapped around Frank, they pressed an object in Frank’s pocket into his side. The pills.
Frank got up, muttering about using the bathroom. He quickly walked over to the tiny restroom and locked himself inside. History has a funny way of repeating itself, he thought, taking the pill bottle out of his pocket and popping the top off. He poured a few of the precious pills onto the palm of his hand, and dry swallowed them. Then he just sat on the floor, waiting for them to kick in.
Frank thought about how his life was going, there on that bathroom floor. He realized that something would have to give, or he would end up dead pretty soon. The thing that scared him was, he didn’t really care. He could have died that night, and it would have all been the same to him.
Frank heard Ashley gently knock on the door and say, “You okay, Frank?” For some reason, probably the pills messing with his brain, Frank got up and opened the door.
He held onto the door frame, feeling as if he would fall if he let go. “Frank?” Ashley asked cautiously, alarm or something like it painted across his face.
Frank laughed, even though he wasn’t sure why. “Ash!” he said loudly, “How ya doin’?”
Realization hit Ashley’s features at Frank’s words, and he simply said, “You didn’t...”
Frank giggled again, and stumbled his way into the living room, collapsing on the couch. “Them pills are magical,” h said, still talking loudly, though in his mind his voice was perfectly level, “They take everything away! All the pain, and sadness, and hurt! See! I’m fine now!” Frank turned his face towards Ashley, a grin plastered across it. Ashley returned it with a look of horror.
“What are you doing to yourself?” Ashley asked, dismay lacing his quiet voice.
Frank laughed again and replied, calmly for the state he was in, “Killing myself.” Then he blacked out.
Ashley looked at Frank passed out on the couch, a look of peace on his face. The man was slowly destroying himself, and he just didn’t give a damn. Something had to change, and soon. Ashley had to talk to Andy...
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