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Chapter Eleven

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"Frank smiled for real for the first time in a month…"

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Frank stayed up all night with Ashley. They didn’t do anything special, just sat around and talked, listened to music, and watched a horror movie. All the things that Gee and Frank used to do... But he couldn’t think like that; he was just slowly pulling out of his downward spiral, and he could easily go crashing back down. Even with Ashley, Frank was tempted by the pills he had stuffed in his coat pocket. He had only taken them twice more since the first time, and he was more cautious because he REALLY did not want to get caught again. The feeling they gave him was worth every inconvenience they made, though.
Even with these thoughts running through his mind all night long, Ashley kept Frank distracted from at least the biggest things. He smiled for real for the first time in a month that night, and he only had one beer. It was ordinary and perfect.
The next morning Frank woke up on the couch, and wow, his back hurt. "I'm getting too old for this," he grumbled to himself getting up. Ash shifted in the armchair he was passed out in, video game controller still in his lap. He stretched his arms, yawning, and opened his eyes groggily.
"G'morning," he muttered, sleepiness lacing his voice.
"Morning," Frank replied, then noticed he was hungry. "Want some breakfast?" he asked, walking towards the kitchenette. Ashley just nodded and slumped back into his seat. Frank looked in the cabinets, and the only suitable thing he could find was some Poptarts. He grabbed two packs, walked back over to the couch, and threw a pack at Ash.
"Hey!" he yelped, "There is no need to be throwing toaster pastries at me!"
"It amuses me," Frank replied with a shrug, biting back a grin.
Ashley grumbled about insane midgets the entire time they were eating, much to Frank’s amusement. Mad Ashley was very funny; almost as funny as drunk Ashley. By the end of breakfast Frank was in an uncontrollable fit of giggles, which just pissed Ashley off more, causing him to throw a pillow at the shorter one. Of course, Frank had to defend his honor, so he swung one back at him. Then it was an all out pillow fight. Frank had almost beaten Ashley when when an unexpected visitor walked in. Three guesses who.
Andy was going to get his iPod from the tour bus, when he walked in on them. Frank, grinning like a jack-o-lantern and Ashley, cackling like a hyena, in the middle of a pillow fight. Andy stood for a moment at the door, dumbstruck with shock at the scene in front of him. THIS was the same man who had been depressed and drowning himself in booze and pills just a day before? Frank’s face fell when he saw who had come in, and the childlike joy was replaced with a mixture of pain and despair. Ashley was just wearing a face that said, “well, this is awkward.” And Andy was still standing there like an idiot.
Ashley came over and said quietly, “I told you not to come over.”
Andy responded, “I thought that I was allowed on my own tour bus. Anyway, I just need to grab my iPod. I’ll be out in five minutes.”
Ashley nodded reluctantly and stepped aside to allow Andy to pass. As he walked pass Frank, he could feel eyes boring into the back of his skull. He quickly ran to his bunk and snatched up his iPod, wondering why he needed it so badly. He was just about to leave when Frank started to speak.
In a sensitive and broken voice, Frank said “Are you happy?”
Andy’s head snapped around, and he said, “What?”
“Are you happy now that you have Gerard?” Frank asked, his eyes brimming with tears.
“Yes,” Andy replied, “I love him more than anything. I love him more than life itself.”
Frank nodded gently, tears streaming freely down his cheeks now. “Good for you,” he said in an almost whisper, “You have what I never had the guts to try to catch.” He turned his face away from me, signaling it was time for me to go.
Andy left the bus utterly confused. What was going on with Frank? First the depression, then the booze and partying, then the “incident” and the drugs, and now this? What had happened to the person he had known? What had happened to the five foot something ball of energy who loved living? Where had he gone?
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