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Chapter Ten

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"It was their one month anniversary, and Andy wanted to do something special…"

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A/N: Just a word to the wise, smut is in this chapter.
Andy hung up his cell phone, confused. Why did Ashley not want him to come back to the bus? Was something wrong? It was probably just he had a girl over, but Andy couldn’t stop wondering. It didn’t really affect him though; he was already planning to sleep over with Gerard. It was their one month anniversary, and he wanted to do something special. He was planning a surprise that he could only hope Gee would like. In fact, he had to go pick up that cake...
“Hey Gee!” Andy called from the My Chem bus, spotting him boyfriend walking back from a CD signing. Gee looked up at Andy and smiled, making his heart flutter. How did I end up with HIM? Andy thought to himself, still not believing his luck.
Gerard walked up to Andy and stood on his tiptoes to peck him on the lips. "Hey, sugar," Gee said quietly.
"You remember what day it is?" Andy murmured in his ear.
Gerard grinned and nodded happily. "How could I forget?" he replied. Andy said nothing back and walked into the bus, gesturing for the other to follow.
Gerard gasped when he saw the interior of the bus. Andy had done a pretty good job, if he does say so himself. The small table in the kitchen/living room had a deep red tablecloth and a single candle on it. The lights were out, and the only thing left to see by was the additional candles scattered around. On the table were plates of spaghetti, Gerard's favorite. "Andy," he said in an almost whisper, "Did you do all this?"
Andy looked at him, nodded, and replied, "Anything for you, baby."
Gee seemed speechless, and that doesn't happen often. Andy took his hand and gently led him to the table. Andy sat him in his seat, and then made his way over to his own. They both picked up our forks at the exact same time, which made them giggle. Then they dug in. "Mmm," Gee said, "This is really good, Andy. Did you make it yourself?"
"You bet I did," Andy, "And you bet I ACED Home-Ec with this recipe."
"Did you even take Home-Ec?" Gerard asked, a skeptical look on his face.
Andy laughed and said, "Details, details."
The rest of the dinner passed by with us talking about things that didn't really matter, like if the moon landing was a conspiracy or if the plural of moose was meese or mossi.
When they had both cleaned off their plates, Andy cleared the dishes and brought out the desert: a small red velvet cake with vanilla icing and small frosting roses decorating the edges. There was a single candle in the center, which he quickly lit. He stood behind Gerard with his hands on the older man’s shoulders shoulders and said, "Happy one month anniversary. Here's to many more to come."
Gee was grinning from ear to ear as he blew out the candle. Andy kissed him on the cheek and cut them both a slice. Gerard took a bite, and said, “Wow, this is amazing!” So of course, he licked his lips in a way that was probably a whole lot more sexy than need be. The amazing part was, he wasn’t even trying. Andy sighed happily and began to eat his own cake. And it was damn good.
After they finished, they moved their little party to the couch to watch a horror movie. /Nightmare on Elm Street/, to be exact, which they had both seen a million times. Gee curled up into Andy’s side and asked, “So where is everyone else?”
“I have no idea,” Andy said in response,“I just told them to not come in tonight. I think they might be in a hotel.”
“Well that was nice of them,” Gerard said, not really paying attention to the movie.
“Yeah,” Andy said, “They were afraid our special time would get a little too ‘special’ if you know what I mean.” Gee just giggled and shook his head in response, and turned to face the TV again. Soon, though, he lost interest in the movie. So, of course, he poked Andy in the face.
"I'm trying to watch the movie, Gee," Andy said, even though he hadn't been watching for the past five minutes.
"No you're not," Gerard said, "You've been staring at me."
Andy blushed furiously and thought, So he noticed that, huh? But he managed to say through his embarrassment, "You only know that because YOU'VE been staring at ME."
"Of course I have," Gee responded with a shrug, "My boyfriend is so damn hot, I just can't help it." Andy blushed even harder at that remark, (thank God it was dark) and tried to just ignore Gee. Which didn't work all too well.
"Hey Andy," Gee said in a sing-song voice, "Let's do something else."
"Like what?" Andy asked, wanting to hear his suggestion.
"Like this," Gerard responded. Then he kissed Andy, and all other thoughts left both their minds. The world was reduced to a passionate frenzy of lips and roaming hands.
Andy slid his tongue along Gee's bottom lip, and was granted access. Andy explored his mouth with his own, moaning slightly when their tongues collided. They danced together in a battle for dominance, that neither could win; they were too evenly matched.
Gerard’s hands slid down Andy’s back and gently tugged on the hem of his shirt. Andy reluctantly broke the kiss to allow his shirt to be pulled over his head. It was thrown onto the floor, and then Gerard took off his own.
Andy attacked the other’s neck with his mouth, eliciting moans of pleasure from Gerard. Andy sucked on the sensitive spot behind his ear until he was a panting mess underneath him. Andy straddled him, and they both moaned when their erections made contact.
Gerard tugged on Andy’s belt buckle, who whispered in his ear, "You sure you're ready for this?" Neither of them were virgins, but they had both decided they wanted their first time together to be special.
Gerard just nodded in response and unhooked Andy’s belt. He pulled off the younger's pants, leaving him in just him boxers. Then Andy tugged down Gerard’s pants, and much to Andy’s pleasure he was not wearing any underwear. He also had a rather impressive hard-on.
Andy gently stroked down the length of Gee's erection.
"Don't tease me," Gerard said, his voice husky with lust.
"I'll tease you until you're nothing but a moaning puddle at my feet," Andy responded. He started to slowly pump his hand along Gerard's member, causing him to groan in pleasure.
"69?" Gerard asked through his moans, and who was Andy to say no? He nodded, and positioned himself over Gerard since he was taller.
Andy flicked Gerard’s slit with his tongue as his head was taken into Gerard’s mouth. Andy gasped at the feeling of the warmth of Gerard’s mouth on his erection. The vibrations from Gerard’s moaning tingled on Andy’s cock, and he couldn't help but groan back. Suddenly, Andy took almost all of Gerard into his mouth at once. What can he say, Andy had wonderful gag reflex control.
Gee started to bob his head, and Andy did the same. And God, that tongue was doing wonders. Andy was pretty sure this was the best blow job he had ever had. It was sweet, but also rough. And above all, from Gee, so it was automatically perfect.
Andy began to fondle Gerard's balls when he felt that familiar tightening in my stomach. He stopped sucking suddenly, and Gee whined from the loss of contact. Andy pulled out of his mouth and said, "Sorry, but I want to to come in your ass, not your mouth."
Gerard nodded and turned over onto all fours on the couch. Andy placed two of my fingers to his mouth, which he gladly took in. His tongue swirled gently around them, coating them in spit. Andy pulled them out of his mouth once he thought they were slick enough.
Andy moved his hand to Gerard's entrance and gently rubbed the puckered hole until his muscles loosened. Then Andy pushed in a single digit up to the first knuckle and Gee gasped; whether it was in pain or pleasure, neither knew.
After Gee relaxed enough, Andy slowly began to move my finger in and out. Eventually, he added the second finger, and began to scissor. Gerard continued to pant and gasp until Andy’s fingers grazed that special spot in him, where he gave a small yelp, and said, "T-there!" That was when Andy couldn't take it anymore and pulled both his fingers out.
Gee whimpered slightly, so Andy assured him with the words, "Don't worry, you'll be getting something much better."
Andy positioned himself at Gerard's entrance and gently pushed in, not wanting to hurt him. Gerard moaned out as Andy went deeper and Any said, "God baby, you're so fucking tight." Finally, Andy’s balls met the skin of Gee’s ass. He sat unmoving for a few moments, letting the other adjust, and began to slowly thrust in and out.
"Fuck," Gerard moaned in the sexiest voice Andy had ever heard, "Faster baby. Fuck me fast and hard." Andy did as he wished, and picked up the pace of his thrusts. Then he hit Gerard’s prostate, causing him to scream in pleasure and clench his ass around Andy’s cock, which felt fucking amazing. Andy kept the angle he was at, and managed to hit that same spot with every thrust.
Andy felt himself growing close again, so he wrapped a hand around Gee's cock, pumping in time with his thrusts. It wasn't long before Gerad breathed out the words, "So close…"
"Me too," Andy replied, "Come with me?"
Gerard nodded vigorously and Andy picked up speed with the hand wrapped around his erection. Within a few minutes, the tightness in Andy’s stomach had built, and he felt the point of no return coming on the horizon. He hit Gee's prostate, and when the older clenched, it sent Andy over the edge. His vision became blurred as he came inside Gerard with a scream. Gee followed seconds later, sending white ribbons onto my hand. Andy pulled out of him, and they both collapsed on the couch. Andy surveyed the mess they had made and thought, It's a damn good thing this couch is leather.
Gerard snuggled close to Andy and whispered, "Happy one month anniversary, sugar. I love you."
Andy smiled and responded, "Love you too, Gee-Gee." Then they drifted off to sleep together.
A/N: Hey everyone! I will love you if you R&R! I hope everyone liked the chapter, it's my first time writing smut. But hey, I'm going to say that anyway because I wrote it. So, I just bought Danger Days. Personally, I like Revenge better. What's your favorite MCR album?
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