Review for To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

(#) XCherrikidXD 2012-04-13

Name: (real and taken name) Aura Davenport (killjoy name) Cherri Kid

Age: (have to be 13-18 years old for reasons that will become clear) 17

Gender: (preferably one boy at least)feamale (If you need a boy i can audition one too!)

Backstory: (before you joined the other two killjoys) she moved from england to califorinia when she was 6, soon after the move her parents split up and she went to live with her mom. Her mom found a new boyfriend who hated her and she hated him, When BLI/ind took over she was 14. Her moms boyfriend became a drac and her mom was shot infront of her. She ran into the desert and was found by the 2 other killjoys.

Likes: the colour purple, cookies, Rock music (30 Seconds To Mars, Paramore, You Me At 6, Panic! At The Disco, Muse) waching dracs die.

Dislikes: Dracs, Arragont people, Pop crap, talking about her past.

Favorite method of combat: (be as imaginative as you want) Shooting people but not killing them then burning the bodies (Messed up right!)

Looks: (any battle scars, what colour hair etc.) Longish black hair with purple streaks through it and a blue full side fringe, Pale complextion, 5'1, skinny.

Outfit: Purple tank top with black stars on it, Black shorts, fishnet tights, lots of band wristbands (30STM, Paramore, P!ATD, YM@6), She always wares a musical note necklace which her dad got her.

Anything else: She carries a lighter arround with her which calms her down when she gets angry. and can she have a crush on Party poison??

Love this story btw hope i get in good luck writin the sequal.