Review for I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

I Hope the Media Rots to the Core

(#) Scarlet13 2012-04-15

I cannot stress how true this is. Personally, I haven't been doing so good, and I've been at basically rock bottom on depression for a long time. The two things that keep me here are MCR and my friends. Whenever I think about cutting or suicide I just think how my friends or Gerard would think about that. They would be dissapointed at me for giving up, for letting go, for letting everything bring me down. And that's why I haven't, to put it blatantly, killed myself yet. I don't even know why I'm telling the public this right now, but I need to get it out there somehow. My Chemical Romance saves my fucking shitty life day in, day out. If they weren't here, I would be dead. They are my heroes, and I mean this more than words could ever say. And yeah, I referenced them right there. Because I feel like it.

Fuck the Daily Mail! They're the ones that drive us to this bullshit! My Chemical Romance keeps up here! Fuck the Daily Mail!!!