Review for Auditions!


(#) BoomBoomJude 2012-04-17

I'll be Franks brother! :)

Name: Jude Quinn

Age: 17 1/2, but you can change it.

Nationality: British/French

Siblings: Well, Frank, I guess XD


Hair: Short, black with purple tips. Gelled into soft careful spikes.

Eyes: Transparent green. They're usually at the top of my eyelids so I look high 24/7, and the transparent green tends to scare people sometimes, so I wear darker green contacts if needed.

Height: 5'1". (I actually grew an inch, I measure yesterday ;-;)

Skin: Pale ivory, almost so white that it blinds you.

Clothes: Simple v-neck shirts (blue, green, black, and white are commonly worn), casual blue jeans, blue Converse, white/brown/black cargo shorts, simple things like that. I also wear a tiny blue starfish pendant necklace.

Facial Features: Hmm. What do you mean by that? My face is VERY VERY well-defined, and my nose has been likened to Frank Ieros. My lips are in the middle, not too big or too thin.

Piercings/Tattoos?: One very thin eyebrow ring.

Personality: Very humongous, sarcastic, straight-forward, honest, capable of manipulating people when needed, smart (all A's every year :D)

Habits: Twirling hair around when concentrating, tugging on eyebrows, and sticking my tongue out.

Likes: comic books, shopping, soccer, cars, art, music (alternative,metal, hip-hop[mainly Gorillaz on the hip-hop part]), video games, candy, writing, soft blankets, the sun, and food.

Dislikes: depressing people, rain, being indoors too long, the news, and messy houses. Or old shoes, or showering, for that matter

Hobbies: Playing guitar, playing soccer, swimming, running outside, hanging out with friends and potentially strangers, making people laugh, drawing, skateboarding, longboarding (what's the difference?, they ask), and eating.

Yes, eating.

Greatest Fear: The ocean

Sexuality: I'll make myself straight this time.

Drugs, Alcohol or Cigarettes?: Highly addicted to opium, an alcoholic, and not very attached to cigarettes.

Back Story (try and be original and fairly detailed): Moved from Stanley, UK when I was about 6 with my parents. My mom is a heavy smoker and my stepdad is an alcoholic, so I get a great influence from them. My real dad is a fucking crazy crack-addict that's been institutionalized for his weed/crack and heroin addiction. I started smoking opium at age 14 when I learned about how high you could become from the drug in 8th grade. I have a large amount of friends, and I have a good paying job at a guitar store. I'm housed with my mates Derek (17) and Elmir (18), and I usually do most of the cooking and shopping. I've got a good life and a shitty past.

Anything Else: I fucking hate meatloaf, lasagna, old people, and the smell of rotting flesh. And I hate popcorn so much gshldfgh