Review for Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

(#) MissAbbieHudson 2012-04-19

-Real name: Catherine-Jane James
-Killjoy name: Divine Corpse
-Clothing: Black skinny jeans, Red tight fitted t-shirt, black zip-up hoodie and black doc.matins that are covered in red paint splatters (she wears this everyday cause she has loads of replicas of this outfit)
-Personality: Funny, Random, Shy at first, Loving, Caring, Loyal, Trustworthy, good listener, good with advice and like a big sister to everyone.
-Appearance: Black hair that comes half way down her back, a side fringe, Hazely-Orange eyes that are always coated in thick black eyeliner, full lips that are always covered in red lip-stick, 5'5", curvy/Hourglass figure, pale skin tone. She has 'Remember me' Tattooed across her wrists. she has her right eyebrow, lip and ears pierced.
-Likes: Coffee, Sleeping, Partying, goofing around, reading, dancing and the colour red.
-Dislikes: in-closed spaces, heights, people trying to find out her past, people not trusting her and getting in fights with people.
-History of his/her past life before being a killjoy: she was from England, but when BL/ind took over she smuggled herself across the world and into California to join the fight. Her parents were killed infront of her eyes and she blames herself for not trying to save them, she was acting as if she was taking the pills and she was a better actress than her parents. she was wandering through the one day when she saw a gunfight going on, she ran over and helped the other killjoys, those killjoys turned out to be Party Poison, Fun Ghoul, Kobra Kid and Jet Star. They took her back to the school with them and she has been there for about 9 months now.
-Another thing that you want to add: she was 13 when her parents died and when she got to California, she was 14 when the killjoys found her and she is now almost 15, Her birthday is October 13th.
When she starts to kill Dracs she turning into a cold hearted killer and doesn't hold back, she won't stop until they have suffered and she fears she is becoming a psychopath. She also self-harms on her legs because she blames herself for her parents death's, but no-one knows about them being dead or about the self harm, she doesn't like people knowing about her but she loves to help other people and she will sit and listen to their problems and help them as much as she can.

I hope it's okay :) you can change whatever you need to, and good luck with the story, it sounds like it's going to be epic! :DxoxoA