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Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

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Hello guys :D!
I have an idea, I liked it really much! It's another fic of killjoys.
Just check up my idea:
An abandoned, rejected, misfit, alone teenager live in her own world. One day, the killjoys just came to save her for one dangerous situation (I don't have it yet), and they take her to the secret cuartels of the Fabulous Killjoys in the desert of California. There, is like a school of killjoys, they train them to be a real killjoys and save the world of BL/Ind.
The guys of MCR, are the principal killjoys, each member has a section, each section has killjoys. This is a little confused, but is like "Hey! -insert killjoy name here- what section are you? -I'm with Fun Ghoul, and you? -With Jet Star" Something like that. I mean, each member of MCR has like their own team, and they are the leader of the new killjoys in them section. I'm a shit explaining.
Yeah, the history is longer and so much exciting.
This is just a quick check.

So what do you think?
You wanna audition?

I need a loooooooooooooooot of killjoys for this.
I guess I have the principal character, but I'm not sure yet.
So, If I like a lot your character, will be the principal.

Please, a need:
-Real name
-Killjoy name
-Appearance (like hair, eyes, piercings, tattoos, skin tone...)
-History of his/her past life before being a killjoy
-Another thing if you want to add...
-The things I forgot.

Each Killjoys will be assigned in their team according with their personality.

The principal characters in this history are what you're auditioning for.
And the fic I guess I will call it "If you never come back" or something like that.
I'll tell you, I promise.

Good Luck!

Oh, don't critique my grammar or ortography.... I use spanish :)

-xoxoMidnight's Noise

Never want to be like the others, 'cause you can be better.
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