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This are the results of the principal characters :)

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Hey Killjoys!!!!
I chose 7 characters, And here you got your role in the history.....

The first selected
dancingdragon with Fire Fly
I liked that personality bubbly and cute and the fact of the radio-active firefly for the colour of hair :)
I needed someone like that.
BUT! I don't know if your character will stay too long in this, 'cause in some part "The Leader Killjoys will be assigned you to a important mission and you maybe would never come back"
Thanks for this character. :D

The second selected
patdfan01 with Adrenaline Chaos
I liked the history of the father and the artistic personality. I like your loyalness (? :D!
That will be so usefull to me :)
The things will be change for this character and her bad habits, "In the cuartels of the killjoys, everyone outweigh their past to make the best future". I promise :3
Thank you for this! ^^

The third selected
Mikeys_Glasses with Pyromania Riot
I really liked so much your character, I mean... You get out of the most usual things that a person will write for an audition. Your background catch my attention. I don't know, I just like the simple things. Oh! and like your appearance ;)
The things will be interesant for you.
Thank you for the inusual:)

The fourth selected
Sherlock with Prime Zero
I like the physycally part, I found little funny because I'm so lazy xD
Oh! I loved the part of escape to the BL/ind zones toghether with the brother but him fails and you want to avenge.
Believe me! You will get it. I have an interesting part for this.
Thanks for an exciting part!

The fifth selected
bloodbunny15 with Blood Bunny
Great idea the part of the potentian in Bl/ind!!! I loved it! :D!
I liked the fact of hide the emotions, I do that.
You're the person who more excited me with your killjoy!
And Blood Bunny is bi? Hmmm, interesting... So you don't have problem pairing with a girl...
Your character will be one of the most importants here.
Thank you so much!!! :D

The sixth selected
KilljoyMinnieIero with Radio Paranoia
Like all the tattoos! And you have an good past (I mean, not good like "Oh! I had the most lovely life" Not. D: I mean, interesting.)
Besides, I love your Killjoy name. hehe.
I have an idea of how the Killjoys found you. :)
Thank you for audition ^^

The seventh selected
MissAbbieHudson with Divine Corpse
OH GOD! Dude, I loved it really much! I imagined everything in it was awesome!
Your almost psychopath character really impresed me.
With your past, I decided assign you as a second leader of a Killjoy section in the cuartels.
You will help Party Poison in his section.
Thank you so muuuuuuch!

So here you got....
The other Killjoys probably will be in the history but as a secondary character.


This is if you want be pairing with someone in the history.
I'll let you choose ;D
But first I need them :T
Or maybe, I'll create them.... :)

This means a lot for me :)

Forget all my grammar and ortographic mistakes... I use spanish :3

xoxoMidnight's Noise

Never want to be like the others, 'cause you can be better.
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