Review for The Kids Of The Shadows

The Kids Of The Shadows

(#) LanaKrueger 2012-04-23

Okay, I thought nothing can top Your fireflies - my absolute favourite poem -, but I was wrong. This is so honest and raw, beautiful and perfect, I can't find the right words to tell you how amazing it is. [maybe that's because I don't speak English well enough ^^"] I really needed this, it made me feel like I'm not going through this alone and that's something I only feel when I'm listening to music, so thank you for being amazing and being yourself. I wish you had more confidence, I don't think you realise how talented and awesome you are!
And I wish someone would write melodies for your poems and lyrics, people need real music with a real message and that's something that can be found in everything you write :]

Author's response

This review made my day, thank you so much, honey :'D Seriously...ahh, just THANK YOU :'D