Review for Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

(#) XxPerfectTomorrowxX 2012-04-24

Glad to hear you might be starting this again. I really am interested in it. I lost track because of everything going on but now I'm back, hoping for more!

I love how Mikey is thinking what he has to do out. Just get her there, gag her, etc. Haha, sounds so ...normal.

Love the dialogue.
I know what you are...
... evil dogs.
Not what I expected lol.

Whoa, ending leaves me definitely curious.

Author's response

I lost my flash drive, so I don't know if I have what I was working on for this lovely story. :/

But I'm glad you liked it! I was kind of going for a Dark Brothers type of thing, though it's been forever since I worked on it so I've kind of forgotten where I was originally headed with it..